Jun 27, 2011

10 Highly Useful jQuery Form Validation For Developer

Today i am discussing about the most useful jQuery form validation which helps you to do something new with your client-side validation code. jQuery is the popular Javascript library, you can include some cool effects in web applications with the help of jQuery. You can embedded it into PHP, ASP and HTML also. jQuery works with Ajax perfectly and lets you develop Ajax templates easily also.

jQuery is also used by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook also. There are many of Facebook applications build into jQuery to accomplish a task. if you disable Javascript support from browser then you will see the functionality of Facebook does not work properly .

Today JQuery is one of the most used techniques by developers to make websites more impressive and effective. jQuery validation is challenging task for developers such as “How to validate your form”, “How to validate your information” and in many more ways that make it to be more friendly with users. There are some highly useful validation used in web application code such as “inline form validation”, form validation, contact form validation and many more.

These are best validations which save the time of web developers. Validation is the best thing to check out all information before submitting the form. In case server side validation is not working there are chances to make mistakes by users. some time user fills wrong information, So to prevent these unexpected mistakes client side validation should be implement in your web application.

I hope you will use these jQuery form validation in their application and appreciated this wonderful work done by developers. You can share your views in our comment section below. Also Visit Our previous Articles –

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  • As always, people need to be remembered that client-side validation only is useless without its client-side counterpart. You should *really* try out Zebra_Form at http://stefangabos.ro/php-libraries/zebra-form/ which not only looks better than most of the scripts presented here but has solid client-side and server-side validation.

  • Nice collection! Thanks!

  • “… In case server side validation is not working there are chances to make mistakes by users. …”

    Server side validation should always work.

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