Dec 8, 2011

Top 6 Best Free Online Virus Scanner For Windows

Virus can really be a pain because the leave the computer completely damaged. Once they start affecting the computer’s working, it is extremely difficult to get rid of them. They may damage the computer either wholly or partially.

Some viruses are so strong and powerful that once they enter they complete the damage the computer and any kind of work on the computer becomes difficult. It might also need to be formatted completely to get rid of the virus.

So the prevent the great effect of the virus and to also prevent it from entering your computer what is needed is to install a good antivirus while using the windows operating system. It keeps a check on all the activities being performed and in turn also helps from preventing the entry and action of virus.

An antivirus scans all the programs of your PC and lets you know if there is any malware and if it exists you can easily remove it. Thus it keeps your PC safe from the harmful action and consequences of the virus. You can now also download an online virus scanner.

Today we have listed best online antivirus scanners for windows operating system users, if you want to scan your PC over internet then you should try these online programs and save your data and files. Surely you love to use these online scan services. Also share your thought in our comment section below.


1. Panda Active Scan

2. BitDefender QuickScan

3. ESET Online Scanner

4. TrendMicro Housecall

5. F-Secure Online Scanner

6. Virus Total 

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