Sep 20, 2012

Top 5 Windows Apps for a Video Addict

Nowadays, there exist numerous web resources offering high quality video clips, movies, footages, and recordings to all video enthusiasts. It is possible to purchase, download and stream videos directly over the Internet. And due to the rapid development of media technologies, we have a vast number of video file formats created for different platforms and media devices. Therefore, all video addicts are aware of top five Windows apps, in order to enjoy their movie favorites without any format restrictions. Let us outline them, paying special attention to their basic features.

Apple iTunes – grow your media library

The first one is probably the world’s most loved entertainment app called iTunes. This in an all-purpose media player, primarily designed by the Apple Inc. to playback songs, videos and audio book files. Moreover, it allows purchasing or renting movies, songs, podcasts, ringtones, and TV shows via Apple iTunes Store. The iTunes media player is compatible with all existing models of iPod, iPad, iPhone as well as Apple TV. It can be used for streaming broadcast of video files (incl. HDTV) and for developing one’s personal media library. With the latest versions of iTunes, you can look through albums and performers, create and manage playlists,and cooperate with other music and video fans, using Ping – a growing social networking service and powerful music recommendation engine.

SoundTaxi – your media conversion tool

The second popular video app is SoundTaxi converter. This is an easy-to-use and intuitive utility, intended for converting between numerous media formats incl. iTunes proprietary formats. SoundTaxi overwhelming advantages include the possibility to convert some “weird” media files for playback on iPod, MP3 and CD players, tablet devices, smartphones etc. This software supports batch mode conversion, transfers converted songs and movies to your Apple device automatically and easily burns CD/DVD’s.

VLC Media Player that plays anything

You’ve probably heard about VLC Media Player – a freeware player for songs, videos, DVD’s and also a streaming media server launched by VideoLAN team. This notable tool plays actually anything – even the videos that were incompletely downloaded. VLC Media Player provides playlist changing, supports FTP, SSL/TSL and socks proxies. It plays practically all types of streaming multimedia content.

RipTiger – online video downloader

RipTiger is the fourth program which is worth mentioning here. It is a quite popular application for downloading video files off most free video streaming resources (YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, Hulu, Veoh). This multifunctional web video downloader allows video conversion for iPod, iPhone and iPad. Automatic capturing at the top quality is ensured.

iBackuper – your iDevice assistant

And last but not the least is iBackuper utility. If you’re afraid of losing your Apple device data – iBackuper tool is right up your alley. It makes snapshot copies of your iPod data for future restoring. Moreover, iBackuper helps to manage your media content with better comfort – transfer files from iPod to PC bypassing iTunes, copy files from your own iPod to your friend’s iPod and more.

This software article was contributed by Dmitri B. – a software enthusiast looking for the most suitable software to convert iTunes to MP3 media format and download YouTube videos on Windows 8.

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