Aug 31, 2011

Top 10 Best Apps For Recording Skype Conversations

Skype is the most popular tool released on August 2003, provides facility users to make a voice and video call and chat over the internet. Its allows calls to other users for free within skype service. File transfer, instant messaging, video conferencing, these are all there features growing its popularity every day.

This application provides a simple way to registered, registered users can communicate through instant messaging and voice chat to other users. Now a days. skype has 663 millions registered users, this is big number of users.

There are a few application available to record calls for skype. I have listed 8 best apps for recording skype conversations . This is the best collection of skype users. If you are a skype user then you should try these apps for save your call for future on local computer.

I have been searching the best apps for skype users and finally i got these skype apps for recording conversations. I hope skype users will love to use these apps that helps to save your conversations locally.


1) Call Recorder

Transform your Skype audio and video calls into QuickTime movies. Completely automatic, easy to use Skype audio and video call recording for Mac users.


2) Replay Telecorder

Finally, there’s an easy way to save those precious Skype calls on your PC. Record phone calls, video chats, conference calls, voice mail – anything that you can see or hear within Skype!


3) Kishkish

KishKish has a team of professional engineers that integrates Skype™ related applications and our internally developed products to other hardware and software platforms. We support customized solutions on a variety of operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac, Windriver, OSE ) and leverage our key technology to accelerate development time.


4) Pamela

Pamela Basic and Pamela Call Recorder both allow you to record a Skype call up to 15 minutes. This can be any type of Skype audio call. In Pamela Call Recorder this limitation can be removed by purchasing a license key.

5) Prettymay

PrettyMay Call Recorder for Skype allows you to record Skype calls and conferences easily, it records Skype calls, Skypeout calls, as well as calls to Skype Online number. It saves Skype call recordings in wav or mp3 files with mono or stereo mode optional.



6) Wiretap Pro



7) MX Skype Recorder

MX Skype Recorder is a new tool that works in conjunction with Skype and other VOIP applications to record your voice conversations.


IMCapture for Skype (formerly SkypeCap) captures and records audio and video calls made from Skype. Recorded audio calls are saved as MP3, WMA or AAC files and video calls as Quicktime Movies (MOV), MPEG4, MPEG, VOB, PSP MPEG4, SWF and FLV. Calls can be replayed, shared, archived, or studied. IMCapture for Skype is valuable for business, a practical tool for everyday and very easy to use. Get a free trial version of IMCapture for Skype today.

9) Powergramo

PowerGramo Skype Recorder is an automatic tool to record skype calls. It also extends skype with features such as music sharing, answering machine and chat message reader.

10) iSound

-Sound can record both sides of Skype conversations only if you uses one audio device. For example: if you uses USB microphone and USB headphones then it will record only one side by your choise.

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  • I use PowerGramo. It may be the most automatic option.

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