Jun 5, 2013

Tips to Make Blog Proof of All Google Search Engine Updates

Oh Jesus, again! This must be your reaction whenever you hear about any update which Google rolls out to its search engine, right? If you’ve used all valid and white hat SEO on your blog but still you feel little stressed after hearing about rolling out of any update.

So, what’s the perfect solution for making your blog proof of all Google search engine updates? Well all the points I’m going to include here may sound new or very basics but this is what working for all pro bloggers and even me. If you want to skip all these points then no doubt your blog will be the best food for any current or upcoming update.

Writing for Readers

First thing you need to make a habit now is start writing for readers. You must have written lots of articles till now in which mixed up lots of keywords and successfully ranked on Google as well. But if the keyword density is affecting the user behavior then it’s a red signal for your blog.

You need to write for readers i.e. write to provide best knowledge or information to them. Also try adding unique stuff in your blog so that you stand out from other bloggers.

Build an Authority

If you want to become a pro blogger then you need to take care of this point. You need to learn one particular thing and become master in that. Then start helping users via your blog and in return both readers and Google will love your blog.

For example, you can learn python or perl programming language and become expert by practicing on their codes for months. Once you feel like an expert then start sharing valuable knowledge on your blog.

Learn and Use White Hat SEO

You need to learn SEO and probably the white hat SEO. There are ways which can help your blog to rank on first page of Google but that will be for very short period. If you want long term results then go for only white hat SEO.

If you don’t know what SEO is all about then search for some expert and ask for his services. It will be better if you learn all tweaks on your own.

Social Network

Allow readers to share your articles to their social networks by providing them proper good looking social sharing buttons. There are lots of plugins available over the web which will add elegant looking social sharing buttons to your blog. If you using WordPress then you can try Flare plugin which adds very impressive looking sharing buttons.

Blog Structure & Design

Your blog should have a proper structure and a unique and elegant design too. You can purchase premium themes if using WordPress or Blogger platform. But the main part here is the proper structure. If your blog has proper structure then users/readers will find it very easy to navigate from one link to other of your blog. This will increase Page Views of your blog too that simply means more traffic and more conversion.

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