Jul 10, 2015

TinyOwl is Here to Stay


Are you carving for food but don’t want to go out? Are you among the ones that who can do anything for good food? If yes then you don’t need to do much now. Simply install TinyOwl on your Smartphone. TinyOwl, India’s first and largest food technology business launched today. The latest version of its mobile app delivers an enhanced and seamless food-ordering experience to its customers. The app is first of his kind in the world that gives not only an accurate delivery time estimated based items ordered, but also the location of customers and current load at the delivery centre.

After I downloaded the app I realized, the app provides a different menu to customers depending on their location and time of the day. The new TinyOwl app presents the daily specials in menu and providing various payment options for the sake of the customers comfort. With the most simple and sophisticated ordering system, consumers can simply place the order in just 30 seconds in real time. Iteven verifies the order via a message. I was allowed to build my own combos and have three-course meal without burning my wallet as such. One can even repeat their last order, multiple times with a single click.I was even allowed to save my address, debit and credit card details and I could even track the ordered food.

Undoubtedly the best app based food delivery service. It is fast and smart order lunch app– a complete food solution. Dining hasn’t been this much simple and effective as it is with TinyOwl. It is first of its kind that gives the accurate delivery time based on the item ordered, the location of customers and current load at delivery station.

You should definitely download the latest TinyOwlapp and satiate your taste buds with all your favourite meals- from Sandwich to Noodles. No matter when I place an order, what time of day or occasion, TinyOwl delivers on its promise of timely meals as per my order, no matter where I was.I get to choose from the best restaurants from around the city. It gave me the choice flexibility in preferred cuisines and price points from wide range of options. Ordering food on TinyOwl is fun and a tasty experience. There are huge amount of discounts and regular deals. The food I ordered wascrispy, rich in flavour and fresh. TinyOwl even provide extra plates and other utensils and that what gives a plus point to TinyOwl over its competitors.I was blown away.

“Food is best served hot” and that whatTinyOwlscored full marks from my side. There are many apps that falls shorts over the time due to limited or no updates, this is where TinyOwl wins the game as there are frequent updates and software developers are constantly working on simplifying user experience. This is a great app with simple interface, offers a lot of convenience packed with no extra cost plus a bag full of discounts. It is nice not to worry about the tip, extra tax and even delivery charges.


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