Aug 17, 2014

The Baap of All – DealGuru

The name itself reflects the staunch idea of this novice website launched with the prime intention to crack the best deals for both buyers and sellers. Online shopping is the current trend of growing technological era. It is also the craze of modern public that stimulated the thought among most of the people to embark on the idea of smart and easy shopping. Strolling through the market corners or traversing across the city to find the best products at reasonably attractive prices is not a cakewalk. DealGuru brings this golden Midas opportunity to offer the best products with lucrative discounts. It is one of the elite and most illustrious sections of AskMeBazaar that cracks the best deals and offers you the best experience of shopping. This initiative of AskMeBazaar is indeed commendable.


The working of DealGuru

AskMeBazaar is an online store but DealGuru provides the best deals and offers. You might get baffled by the existence of both but there exists a fine line of difference between them. AskMe captures the samples and displays the contents and photo-shoots on affirmation from sellers. DealGuru sets up the deals and allows the buyers to view the wide range of products at discounted prices. It is a treat to your shopping experience and with the collection and gorgeous prices it makes a definite head turner. DealGuru cracks the deals and makes the products delivered at the doorstep of the buyers. On collection of the amount it pays back the sellers and deducts their commission and other negotiated charges. It follows a staunch sense of business ethics that goes profitable for both the buyers and the sellers as well.

DealGuru’s Professional Approach

DealGuru joins hands with many established sellers and brands all across the nation and keeps a check on their excess inventory. These products which could not catch the buyer’s attention in markets are displayed in DealGuru. However they make sure that the products are in genuine conditions and maintain transparency in the deal. If the buyer clicks on the displayed picture of the photos DealGuru displays the related information and specification and also shows the quoted price. The price is always lower than the actual retail price and is rather counted as a sale. DealGuru is more or less like any other e-commerce website and has a virtual cart system. You can place the order after selecting your product and later confirm it. DealGuru starts its process of delivery once the order gets confirmed.

The final word

DealGuru is currently working with many popular sellers and has more than 1000 products in display. It shows a large collection of fashionable stuffs including footwear and accessories. It also displays home appliances like iron and other electronic gadgets. DealGuru is not just for buyers alone but if you wish to sell stuffs it makes things easier. There is no extra charge if you use their domain but just a minimal investment is required. It is regarded as the transaction charge. Sit back and make payments in DealGuru and get the best of both world of buying and selling.

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