Dec 13, 2016

Technology is making Groupon Great!

Groupon is a deal-of-the-day recommendation service for consumers. It is a service that is based on intermediaries that is geared towards the promotion of restaurants in a city or shops. You might need to use it when you need to buy many items at discounted prices. This will help you to buy a lot of the items. If you are a business owner, Groupon can help you find new clients.

Groupon earns a commission whenever they successfully refer clients. It is always a win-win situation for the seller, the consumer, and the company itself. If you are any of these parties, then you have a reason to rejoice.

All for Free

Joining Groupon is a free service. It will not cost you anything. Each day, Groupon sends emails to their subscribers telling them of the deal of the day. Most of the time, the discounts go up to 50% which is something you might like. After this, you get an electronically generated coupon for the products you are interested in.

Groupon has greatly improved because of tech. if you are a business owner, you can get point of sale devices called Gnome, which can help you increase the quality of your services. The technology connects via cloud to enable it to access Groupon’s database and enable the redemption of vouchers electronically. For Groupon customers with the mobile app, the whole transaction occurs via Bluetooth.

If you are a high-end client or your business offer high end services, then there is an iPad POS service called breadcrumb for you. This will help in retaining existing customers who rely on old cash registers.

Gnome collects information about the frequency of how people buy items, the specific items they buy and how often they obtain services such as hairdressing, spas, and restaurants. With such information at hand, you can modify your service as a business and ensure you deliver exactly what the consumer wants.

Powered by Technology

Mobile phone tech also has increased Groupon penetration in the market. Over 80 million people have downloaded the app. It is convenient and enables you to use the services with ease.

Once you have understood the tech bit of Groupon, you are likely to get the following benefits once you embrace this service:

  • It attracts customers

Good deals will have customers flocking your area of business. These are especially for those who are looking for cheap deals and an opportunity to save money.

  • It advertises business

For customers who are not aware of your business, great deals can put your business on the limelight. Such deals convince clients to buy your goods.

  • It builds relationships

Price promotion deals help build relationship between clients. You can use this opportunity to buy loyalty from your clients. Such loyalty will help you even in days when the business is not doing well.

  • It generates revenue

If your business is suffering setbacks, you can count on the numbers that come with promotions in order to generate revenue. This can help you generate profits

Technology is making Groupon a great venture. With increasing downloads of their mobile apps, you will continue to gain as a business or as a consumer.


John McCray is a digital marketing expert. He has spent over ten years connecting producers and consumers. He is also passionate about writing and educating the minds of various customers. For online consumers, including Groupon customers, you visit his website to benefit from his multiple contributions on the same.

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