May 5, 2014

Should You Make The Switch To Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage services offer a much-needed solution for businesses of all sizes. If you’re looking to improve storage, software or security, then you need to look at cloud services as an inexpensive and practical solution. Most businesses would see benefits from moving all their systems to the cloud, but most choose to start with basic data services when they make the initial transition.

Cloud services have become very popular on the consumer’s side of the market, but many businesses are slow to adopt the new technology. If you run a business, switching to cloud services comes with the following benefits:

Cost Savings

Smart business owners do what they can to save money; if you can save money without cutting corners, it means that you can be extra competitive in your market. Cloud storage is an affordable option for business owners. When compared to other storage options, the cloud infrastructure is spread among many businesses; this means that cloud providers can offer discounts to everyone that uses it.

When you move your business to the cloud, the cost of hardware and maintenance goes down. You don’t have any equipment at your location, so you don’t have to take care of it. When you remove capital expenditures, it translates into significant savings.


Cloud storage is simple; all you need is a computer and an Internet connection when you want to get access to your data. Cloud services allow you to cut down on your servers and hardware, so you can eliminate the need for maintenance. If you use a cloud provider like, they take over maintaining, managing and supporting your equipment; this frees up employees who are responsible for your server maintenance.


Cloud storage makes it hard for data thieves to get access to your files. If you don’t store your information on the cloud, someone can copy data directly from your physical servers. Cloud servers are housed inside of data centres; these centres have enterprise level security measures in place. It would be impossible for a small business to enact such a strict security protocol; they just wouldn’t be able to afford it.

When you use cloud storage, you’re never going to experience a single point of data failure. Your data is backed up on multiple servers, so if one goes down, the other servers access your data from a different site; you never even see the difference. When you use cloud storage, your risk of hardware failure goes down to almost zero.

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