Dec 22, 2013

Recover all Your Lost Files Easily & Efficiently with iSkysoft Data Recovery

No doubt, we prepare a lot to keep our important files secure and protected, to prevent any data loss, but still many situations arise, when a loss can’t be denied. This loss might come in the form of a format performed by mistake, corrupted hard drive, a virus attack or any other possible scenario. Due to these possibilities, a backup of important files is suggested to be created on cloud or on an external drive, while most of the people don’t take it seriously and lose their data. This is where the role of a professional data recovery tool like the iSkySoft Data Recovery comes into existence.

About the Tool

The iSkySoft Data Recovery software serves a role as vital as that of an antivirus on your PC, which has been proven for its effectiveness, while recovering accidentally lost files. This tool allows you to recover your lost data from multiple sources, other than your system’s main drive by following some simple steps. In basic terms, this software can be defined as a complete tool for recovery of data.

Better than the Rest

Although there are a number of other software available over the web in the same category, but the availability of hi-tech features and the simplicity of its use make this tool stand out of the crowd. The iSkysoft Data Recovery tool has been designed with a motive to offer an ease of access to the end user, by masking the powerful engineering with a simple user interface.

Risk-free Recovery

Unlike many other recovery tools, this software doesn’t cause any harm to the drive that you wish to recover your data from. This software only performs a scan of different sectors of a drive, without initiating any modifications to the drive, thus performing a safe function.

Wide-range Support

With this tool, you can recover almost any type of file that you have lost accidentally or due to a virus. iSkysoft Data Recovery provides an extensive support to over 500 different formats including images, audio files, video files, emails, documents, archives and many more.

Support for Devices

With this tool, you are not bound to recover data from the default hard drive of the computer system that you are using, while it extends its support to a number of other devices as well. Other supported storage devices include digital camera storage, stuff on a USB drive, SD card in a Smartphone and many others.

Ease of Use

No doubt, the software is highly powerful in recovering all your lost data, it is designed to allow even a novice user can also operate it easily. Recovery can be performed by following 2 simple steps, while the preview feature helps you to select files that you wish to recover.


This tool is offered with compatibility for both Windows and Mac based systems, which is extended to the latest version of Windows as well.

Try before you buy

If you wish to test the reliability of this tool, you can download a trial version offering 100MB data recovery and then buy it for $39.95, if you wish to purchase a license.


iSkysoft Data Recovery is a powerful tool with simple use to help you recover numerous data types from a number of device types.

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