Mar 13, 2012

Random Tools For Web Designers

A big collection of tools are available over internet that helps to make web design more easy and simple. Nowadays, HTML and CSS and jQuery plays the most important role in website design, these techniques provides great features and functionalities by which designs can make web designs layout more effective and impressive. jQuery can be most simply defined as a cross browser JavaScript library that is used to simplify the client side scripting of HTML. It is also the most popularly used java script library. The reason why it has become the most popular and most used java script library is that it is totally free.

HTML is the most popular web development language in the world, Using this languagedesigners can make web application more attractive and creative. HTML 5 is the advanced version of HTML and getting popularity among web designers with their advanced features and functionality.

CSS3 is the next version and most popular design technology among web designers and developers nowadays. CSS( Cascading Style Sheet)- this technology provides a way to change color, fonts, size,background, border, etc of website design.

Today we cover some best tools for web designers specially by which designers can build their next project in easy and speedy way. I hope designers would to love to use these tools for their next project. Visit this list and share your thought in our comment section below.

1) Zen Coding

Zen Coding is an editor plugin for high-speed HTML, XML, XSL (or any other structured code format) coding and editing. The core of this plugin is a powerful abbreviation engine which allows you to expand expressions—similar to CSS selectors—into HTML code.

2) Initializr

Initializr is an HTML5 templates generator to help you getting started with a new project based on HTML5 Boilerplate. It generates for you a clean customizable template with just what you need to start!

3) Clevercss

CleverCSS is a small markup language for CSS inspired by Python that can be used to build a style sheet in a clean and structured way. In many ways it’s cleaner and more powerful than CSS2 is.

4) Limejs

LimeJS is a HTML5 game framework for building fast, native-experience games for all modern touchscreens and desktop browsers.

5) Code Cademy

Codecademy is the easiest way to learn how to code. It’s interactive, fun, and you can do it with your friends.

6) CSS3 Generator

This is very helpful css3 code generator, Create code for some most popular CSS3 Properties – text-shadow, border-radius, Box Resize and more.

7) Coder Deck

8 ) Gradients

This generator helps to pick the color using the picker. After this its provides the code of your selected gradient.

9) Layerstyles – Builder

10) Patternizer

11) Bear CSS

Bear CSS is a handy little tool for web designers. It generates a CSS template containing all the HTML elements, classes & IDs defined in your markup.

12) Markup Generator

Markup Generator is a simple tool created for xhtml/css coders that are tired of writing boring frame code at the very beginning of slicing work. It’s main purpose is to speed up your work by generating xhtml markup and a css frame out of very intuitive, shortened syntax so you can jump directly to the elements styling.



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