Mar 3, 2016

Portable Vaporizer-How the Generation is Switching to a Healthy Way

The world knows the associated risks which are attached with traditional cigarettes. Yes, it has destroyed families, shattered hopes of loved ones and put an abrupt end to lives of people across all age group. Considering the ever rising and continuous destruction which it has created on humanity, a healthy substitute was long awaited.

Hence, this is where, as part of series of technological developments, researches and studies done, portable vaporizer or e-cigarettes hit the market with a bang. It has been serving the needs of users for quite some now.

After all, addiction of any kind is bad and considering the gravity of situation even various manufacturers have started supplying their own portable vaporizers, just to keep themselves abreast with the changing market trends and preference of the masses So, the following post lets you know about portable vaporizers, the kind of difference they have with traditional cigarettes and why you should switch over to them.


Vaporizer emits vapor (smokeless) while Cigarettes emit smoke

Vaporizers due to their inbuilt qualities and features are also referred as smokeless cigarettes.
So, what is the mechanism they adopt? Let’s find out
Traditional cigarettes as part of its major ingredient make use of harmful “tobacco” consisting of toxins and carcinogens, which on “lighting” creates smoke. It is then inhaled by lungs which is then gets stored in lungs. Yes, due to the biggest harm, it has necessitated even the governments, to warn the users with pictorial warnings of “lungs” which are denoted with black spots highlighting their “damage”.

Portable Vaporizer – The best bet

However, on a pleasant and healthy side, none of the case happens with vaporizer. It has a ‘solution’ which on getting in touch with a heating element produces ‘vapor’. Yes, you guessed it right, that there is no burning method here. It is powered by batteries. Additionally, the properties of vapor make it much safer to inhale as well. No smoke means, no threat or danger of inhaling the dangerous “air” or “smoke”, what you prefer calling it. Vaporizer acts as the best substitute in public places for the same reason, as it doesn’t bother anyone with harmful smoke. As a result, it is this difference between traditional cigarettes with respect to vaporizer seems to be the most obvious one.

The most appropriate substitute for quitting cigarettes altogether

Who can deny the deadliest addiction which is associated with traditional cigarettes? Well, I have seen people being chain smokers lighting hundreds of cigarettes in a day. That’s the kind of danger; they have literally surrounded themselves in. However, great thing is that most of the smokers whom I met, knows the ill-effects of smoking and want to quite it once and for all. Hence, vaporizer seems to have given them the biggest reprieve. Well, now as you urge to smoke, portable vaporizer minimizes that addiction. The feeling over the days starts to lessen till you don’t even realize that how easy it was actually to quit smoking altogether.

The perfect bet for controlling the “uncontrollable” urge

Extreme success of portable vaporizers showcase their nature of existence which was actually designed for people who have the desire to quit smoking, but couldn’t uptill now. They have made the use of Nicotine Delivery for minimizing the addiction of users in a healthy manner without “toxic” smoke. Yes, due to no involvement of smoke, lungs are totally safe and sound. Many smokes have actually adopted this new mechanism and many more are yet to. It is indeed a healthy signal for a strong, fit and fruitful life away from dangers and mayhem.

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