Aug 20, 2011

Top 15 Most Popular Songs And Albums Of Lady Gaga For Music Lovers

Lady Gaga( Born March 19 1986) – is a most popular pop singer, song writer, musician from New York, United State America. She started her career as songwriter for some famous pop singers and artists, including Akon, New Kids on the block, Britney Spears, etc. Akon is American pop singer and producer signed her to work with his own label, Kon Live Distribution and then she started to work on her debut album.

Gaga released of her first studio album ” The Fame” in 2008, which was most popular album of 2008 and for commercial and popularity with singles “Just Dance” . This album created the new history in pop world and reached at number two of Billboard 200 list. “The Fame” reached new millstone in 2011, selling over 12 million copied worldwide. Its was the starting of lady Gaga, no one can stop her, after one year she released her new one ” The Fame Monster 2009″, similar worldwide success and popularity, picking the highest number in chart list album of the year.

Bad Romance 2009, telephone 2009, Alejandro 2010 are the lady Gaga singles chronology. In 2011, She released ” Born This Way” is the second studio album, caught the number one position with its singles,” Born This way”, “Judas” and ” The edge of Glory”. At the end of June 2011, Born This Way has sold 5 million copies worldwide.

If you are a big fan of lady gaga, then you should try this list for having enjoy and fun, choose your favorite songs and album from this top list. So today we are providing top songs and albums of Lady Gaga. Enjoy these songs and make your life musical. You can share your thought in our comment section below.


1)  Born This Way

2) The Fame Monster

3) The Remix

4) Bad Romance

5) PapaRazzi

6) Judas

7) Alejandro

8) Just Dance

9) Lady Gaga

10) HitMIxes

11) Love Game

12) The Cherrytree Sessions

13) Telephone The Remix

14) Boys Boys Boys


15) Brown Eyes


  • Realy nice colection of Songs. I like it

  • Nice images and mostly music. Am a big fan of The Fame and The Fame Monster. Born This Way, eh not so much.

    The Fame should be on here as it is the best album. Bad Romance from The Monster is the best single.


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