Oct 7, 2014

Online Vs Offline Marketing

In the old days, there was no such thing as the internet, so online marketing was unheard of. If you wanted to promote a business, you had to pay for a billboard advertisement, a radio slot or print some leaflets for distribution around the local area. Then the internet was invented and things changed. Suddenly businesses had a way of reaching people living tens of thousands of miles away. They could sell their products to a customer living on a different continent if they wanted to. So in many ways online marketing makes things so much easier. But is there a significant difference between the two?

What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing includes any kind of marketing effort that takes place in the virtual world as opposed to the real world. Social media marketing is a good example of online marketing. Sending a tweet to let your fans know you have a new product coming out is a good example. Creating a Facebook fan page or posting pictures on Instagram is another way of harnessing the power of social media and online marketing.

What is Offline Marketing?

Offline marketing is the old-fashioned way of doing things. A5 Brochure Booklet Printing by Print-Print.co.uk is a good example of offline marketing. Brochures, leaflets and other printed marketing materials can be handed to customers. They can be used for in-store promotions and local marketing campaigns.  You can also take things to the next level if you have a bigger budget to spend. Television advertising and promotions via other media outlets are all very effective if done well.

It used to be the accepted belief that a bricks and mortar business needed offline marketing to be a success. Conversely, it was thought that an online business would achieve more success with a digital marketing. However things have now changed. Modern businesses, whether they are online or offline, really benefit from a cross marketing campaign.

Online Vs Offline

One important thing to remember about online marketing is that it relies on a customer having access to the internet. If they don’t have this, you can’t reach them, no matter how many tweets, emails and Facebook ads you send their way. Offline marketing enables you to talk to a customer, face to face. For many people, particularly older people, this is a preferable way of doing things.

The best way forward is to practice a combination of the two approaches. Use your online strategies to drive traffic to your offline store. For example, you could use a twitter campaign to promote a special offer, which should increase sales. Happy customers will then tell their friends online and offline, and the word spreads. So in effect, both types of marketing are complimenting each other.

Online and offline marketing strategies work best when they are used in conjunction with each other. One can significantly enhance the other, so instead of sticking rigidly to just one method, combine different methods and see how much more successful your marketing is!


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