Nov 30, 2011

NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 Features And Review

3D is a three dimensional graphical representation of data that makes it looks more attractive and interesting. It is usually applied to movies and games to give users a ravishing experience and take them to a completely new world of entertainment. 3D glasses are used to watch movies or play games in this mode.

NVIDIA has recently launched its 3D glasses for the same purpose. They use and active shutter 3D and are 20 percent larger and because of this they are capable of blocking more background light and so it makes us easier to see things. It comes with USB cables with which you can charge your 3D glasses and it doesn’t take more than a couple hours for them to charge.

There is no issue to plug them in because they come with an IR receiver already intact. It also has firm rubberized different grips for your comfort. These 3D vision 2 glasses give you a better gaming experience. Here are some of the best features of NVIDIA 3D vision 2 glasses. Please share your thoughts in our comment section below.


1. Ultra smooth 2D Gaming up to 120fps

3D Vision monitors are not just beneficial for 3D. They deliver best in class 2D gaming with performance twice the speed of standard LCDs. Unleash ultra-clear, smooth motion 2D gaming up to 120fps and superior image with reduced motion blur, latency, and frame tearing to bring life-like reality to games and video.

2. Brighter 3D images with NVIDIA 3D LightBoost monitors and notebooks

NVIDIA 3D LightBoost technology combines patented 3D monitor technology and improved 3D glasses design to deliver increased monitor brightness by up to 2x and reduced 3D ghosting when 3D Vision is enabled. In addition, users get increased environment brightness allowing you to view your keyboard more easily

3. Highest quality 3D solution

High tech active shutter glasses, designed with top‐of‐the‐line optics deliver Full HD 1080p resolution per eye, best in class ghost free images, and ultra‐wide viewing angles.

4. New gaming inspired design for the most immersive PC 3D experience

Built for PC gamers with twenty percent larger 3D lenses for a wider viewing area and increased external light blocking for total 3D immersion.

5. Better materials for longer gaming sessions

Softer composite materials for a more comfortable fit. Increased flexibility also ensures better fit with gaming headphones.

6. Play hundreds of PC games in stereoscopic 3D

Advanced NVIDIA software automatically converts over 600 standard PC games into stereoscopic 3D including top games such as Batman: Arkham City, Crysis 2, World of Warcraft, and L.A. Noire.

7. Maximum 3D display flexibility

Designed for use with any 3D Vision Ready displays including Desktop LCD Monitors, Notebooks, All‐in‐one PCs, projectors, and DLP HDTVs.


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9. Powered by NVIDIA GeForce GPUs

The 1 choice of PC gamers worldwide, enabling rich, immersive games with stunningly accurate realism thanks to support for the latest graphics technologies including NVIDIA SLI technology, NVIDIA PhysX, and DirectX 11.

10. View high definition 3D photos

View immersive 3D pictures on your PC with the built in NVIDIA 3D Vision Photo viewer. Pair the viewer with a 3D camera from Fujifilm, Sony, or Panasonic and you can instantly take and view your own 3D photos in high definition, full color, and incredible depth directly on your PC. In addition, you can edit and correct your 3D photos to deliver a more stunning 3D “pop‐out” effect.

11. Adjust 3D depth adjustment

Easily adjust 3D depth in‐game using keyboard hotkeys for a customizable 3D experience.

12. Watch videos in 3D

The included NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player lets you view your personal 3D video collection, supporting a variety of 3D movies file formats and plugins. Pair the viewer with a 3D camcorder from Fujifilm, Sony, or Panasonic and you can instantly take and view your own 3D videos in high definition, full color, and incredible depth directly on your PC.

13. Wear over your prescription glasses

Wear 3D Vision glasses over corrective eyewear using adjustable nose pieces to ensure a custom fit for each user.


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