Nov 21, 2012

New CSS Techniques with Code

CSS is commonly known as cascading style sheets which can be defined as basically a style sheet language and it is used for describing the presentation semantics which in lay man’s language is the looks and formatting of a document that is initially written in markup language.

CSS is used for styling HTML elements, i.e. how a page of a website looks, CSS3 is the latest version of how things are displayed on the internet. Using CSS web developer can design basic templates for a website and can easily implemented in coding too.

CSS is constantly upgraded and the biggest change in CSS3 is introduction of Modules. If you are working with CSS, it is very important to have a good set of tools so that you can easily speed up the process and not only does it speed up the process but using these tools can also help simplify the work to a very great extent which is also of great help.

We always trying to share some great resources/tools among our readers, today we come up with some best and latest techniques of CSS for web designers that make your project more effective and impressive. Visit this list and share your views in our comment section below.


1) Confirmation Feedback Buttons

This tutorial will teach you how to create a responsive web page with buttons which take on different states depending on the user’s interaction. This type of interaction is especially useful on links such as “purchase” or “delete” where it’s wise to confirm that the user indeed wants to take a specific action.


2) A Clean Calendar in CSS3 jQuery


3) CSS Diagnostics


4) Tabbed Navigation


5) Menu with Notification Badges


6) CSS3 Facebook Buttons


7) Youtube Popup Buttons


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