Sep 16, 2015

Movavi Video Editor Review


If you’ve been told that editing videos is complicated, time consuming and has an extremely steep learning curve – that isn’t necessarily true. At the end of the day, your experience with video editing is largely going to be dependent on the software that you use – and if you’re using the Movavi Video Editor then you’ll undoubtedly find that your experience is very different.


Unique Emphasis on Being Intuitive

Everything about the Movavi Video Editor makes its core emphasis on being intuitive and accessible readily apparent. Its user interface is designed so that all the tools and options you need are mere clicks away, and should come naturally to most people.

Assuming you have little or no experience with editing videos, the user-friendly and easy to use approach of the Movavi Video Editor will let you get the job done without having to jump through hoops or sit down and ‘learn’ by reading a manual. On the other hand, even for people who do have some experience with video editing it will prove helpful too and will simplify their workflow considerably – enabling them to get things done that much faster.

Rich and Complete Editing Features

Although it emphasizes an intuitive approach, the Movavi Video Editor does not compromise when it comes to the features that it places at your disposal. Some of its powerful features include:


  • Video enhancement tools to adjust and improve the overall video quality as well as correct most common problems.
  • Cut and join video clips to get delete unwanted segments of video or merge clips together.
  • Insert customizable text that can be animated to create captions, titles, or subtitles.
  • Capture audio from a variety of sources and include numerous audio tracks in your videos.
  • Make use of special effects and filters to alter the look and feel of your video completely.

For a full list of features, head over to:

The bottom line is simple: If you’re looking for a video editor that has all the powerful features you need to come up with great looking videos, and yet you want it to be easy to use and user-friendly – the Movavi Video Editor fits that bill perfectly.

Give it a go yourself and see firsthand what it is capable of. Odds are you’ll instantly be able to appreciate just how intuitive it is – and will be confidently editing your video in minutes.


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