Aug 17, 2011

26 Most Beautiful High Quality Textures For Free Download

Its our pleasure to share free stuffs for our readers on ZoomZum. Today we are going to share high quality and most attractive textures for free download. Free stuff always on high demand on internet. Also Designers wait for this kind of freebies like textures, templates , themes, icons and many more. Textures helps designers to make their designs more attractive and beautiful. Textures are most important stuff for designers, this is the first step when they start to design web page layout. Number of websites are available on internet to provides textures, background pattern. But i have selected some most beautiful collection of textures for designers.


visit this great list, select the attractive textures for your next project. I hope you can find the best one for your websites. this list has 26 high quality textures for free to use.

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1. Texture 24

2. Tember Floor

3. DSC

4. Free Sand Texture

5. Frozen Blue

6. Stock Big

7. Rusty 1

8. High Res Wood Texture

9. Petals Two

10. Color Texture

11. All Caps

12. Texture 102

13. Tie Dye

14. Red Peeling Paint

15. Orangey Texture

16. Abstact Texture

17. Green Abstract Texture

18. Forest

19. Texture 83

20. Texture 23

21. Grunge Paint 4

22. Flustration Splatter

23. Galaxy

24. Swirl Texture

25. Abstract Background 1

26. Texture 45




  • Beautiful Textures. Thanks

  • Some very beautiful work, sure to come in handy for illustrations. Thank you very much for sharing!

  • Realy nice post . Keep it up. thanks for sharing

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