May 21, 2013

Knowing Your SEO Competitors for Better SEO Strategies

During your SEO campaign many times your effort might have gone to vain. Many times you might have felt that no matter what you are putting in SEO, you are not able to rank well in the search engine. Your SERP is not improving.

I don’t say that you are doing everything right, there are chances that your SEO strategy is going wrong but again one cannot neglect the fact that your poor performance is also because your competition is really tough and your competitor is performing real good. If your website belongs to a very competitive niche, then the competition can be really smashing and you can’t afford not to keep a close watch on them. You can win the top spaces in the search engine only when you monitor your competitors well. Check out their success and also the failures if any. Let’s look at some of the steps to analyze the competitors.

You have to Know Your Competitors: It is important that you know who your competitors are, choosing a wrong competitor and competing from them would do no good in your business prospect. So, focus on identifying the right competitors, the company who is ranking well can be your competitor or someone who has the same line of business as yours can be your competitor. So better sit on your working table and reform a search on your targeted keyword and make a list of websites that are showing in. The list prepared is the list of your business competitors.

After you have done this, hire professional web strategist to work on the plan and see what special the sites in your competition is doing. The work of the strategist will be to visit the site and analyze them properly. He has to look on the parameters of good and professional design, content quality, static or dynamic sites, and special features if any. The basic information web site will let you know the competition level you are going to face.

Third comes analyzing the keywords used by the competitors. It is the keywords only who will define the success of your SEO campaign. The potential keywords have power to bring sale too thus one can hope for better ROI. Analyzing or recognizing the keywords used by your competitors are not easy so just check on their keyword list and find if the list is resembling yours. You can also take the help of your keyword suggestion tool. It will help you to get a set of keywords that might be missed by you. So before deciding a final keyword list perform a thorough research and than only five the list to McKremie your web partner.

When you will hire a professional web marketers, he will check for the banklinks your competitors are having. They will give you a list of anchor text used with the links in it. They will also try to own a backlink from the important sites. You can’t ignore social media in todays world. So it is also important to evaluate the social competition. How well the sites of your niches are doing on the front of social media. Twitter and facebook platforms need to be carefully examined. You also need to check, how your competitors are using PPC ads. Monitoring our competition is not an easy task, in-fact it is an ever ending task, so better hire McKremie and secure your online future in safe hands.

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