Apr 22, 2016

How To Prevent Cyber Criminals From Stealing Your Domain

Your business organization operates in an extremely competitive world. There are many different things that you must do in order to prevent your competition from eating you up and perhaps a central principle to this ethos is uniqueness.

You need to ensure that the products and services that you offer are unique and will differentiate you from your competition. Part of this uniqueness is also your domain name.

In the online world, however, the theft of your domain is a very real possibility that you must deal with. Here is how you can prevent cyber criminals from stealing your domain.

Look at your security policies

Cyber security is a huge deal for every business organization and typically a business owner will invest in:

  • The latest software measures.
  • Server security.
  • Cyber protection products outsourced from a professional company.
  • Data governance policies and so on.

It is alsovery important that you make domain name protection a huge part of this cyber security framework.

Take a look at your registration

When you register for a particular domain name, you would have submitted certain key pieces of information including your contact information. Ensure that this contact information is updated and accurate as well.

Any change of business address – snail mail or e-mail – should be communicated to the domain registration office. It is also important that you keep the following account information secured:

  • User account.
  • Password.
  • Transfer contact e-mail address should not be used as your login name. This is one of the most basic mistakes that every business organization makes and it is one of the most popular ways in which domain thieves access your domain name.

You can also use Registrar-Lock to protect your domain name. This simply means that the DNS configuration and registration information can be changed only when you unlock your domain name. It is also important that you pick a domain name registry that is known for its high quality and robust reputation.

Distributed protection

Investors urge you not to put all your eggs in one basket is it not? You can use this principle to protect your domain name as well. One of the things that you can do is to distribute all the key elements connected with your domain name across different people and different systems.

For instance, the process involved to unlock your domain name can be given to one individual. But the process to redirect your domain name can be given to a second individual. Authentication processes should also be disseminated to different groups. Incidentally, using a healthy mix of offline authentication and online authentication is a smarter choice than a single form of authentication.

Looking at your website traffic

There are ways and means by which you can monitor the traffic that is coming to and from your website. Your site traffic disappearing into some unknown or obscure country or server should raise an immediate and very strong red flag.

At the end of the day, it really does help to think of that domain name as an essential corporate asset and protect it accordingly.


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