Nov 3, 2016

How to Make Your Own Movie with Movavi Video Editor for Mac

Movavi Video Editor for Mac allows you to create a movie by recording the activities that are carried out on your Mac computer screen. This means you can use the software to record any movie that is streaming online on a web based video player no matter if it is a movie upload by someone else on a YouTube channel or a news video clips at a news site or movies streaming on other websites. It is just the software you need if you want to create a tutorial to show people the steps on how to do something for example walkthrough on the features on a software or a service you provide online. You can show people how to win all the levels of a difficult online game or a game that is installed on your hard disk.

Creating a screencast movie in Movavi movie maker for Mac is easy as the software has a straightforward interface. You first click on the Record Screencast button and wait for the screencast control panel to load. When the screencast control panel load at the bottom of your screen, you will also see a recording frame. After clicking the select button on the control panel, you must either enter the resolution of the area you want to capture on the screen or drag the side of the frame to adjust its size.

By default, it will not automatically record the area of the screen that has activity so you have to set the frame over the area where you want it to record the screen activity. The recording frame represents the area where it will record all the screen activity. Anything that occur outside of the frame will not be recorded. Pressing the Rec button will start the 5 seconds count down timer before the designated screen area will be recorded. After the screencast recording is complete, you can import it into the video editor to review it and see whether there is any need to edit it.

Most people will find some parts of the videos that contain errors and need to be deleted. Deleting a certain part of the video just requires you to drag the red marker to the starting point of the clipping area and then clicking on the first button on the toolbox above. The first button, which is a scissor tool, is used when you want to a video to be divided into many segments or delete some parts permanently from the video. You should only drag the red marker to select the unwanted area after enabling the scissor tool by clicking on the first button in the toolbar above.

The timeline workarea is user friendly because it organizes your videos and audio tracks in separate rows that are marked with the respective icons. The row that displays videos is marked by a video icon while the row that displays audio tracks is marked with a musical note icon. If you want the movie to display some text, you can click on the T tab on the left to see four categories of text styles including animated, artistic and simple. You must select the text style to preview it before clicking the add button to add it into the clip in the timeline.

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