Aug 4, 2015

Housing-Real Estate & Property- Best Property Search App for Android

Normally when you are looking to buy a property, flat or an apartment I, for one usually contact an agency or a real estate agent brokerwho will help you in finding the best ones. there’s no way of finding whether your agent is genuinely helping you get the best deals or just looking to make a large profit. But you can forget all those as now there is a real estate app India that will help you search for the best properties anywhere in the country. 


App Features

When I checked, I noticed that the app allows me to search for a property or a project based whether they are buying a property or renting it. I also had an option to search for a property based on the city, its location within the city, type of a property (apartment, villa, independent house, row house, and plot), number of rooms, budget and size of the property (in sq. ft).

I also got access to search for property listings within the app without registering for the service, however if I wanted to save my search results or post a new property listing, I would have to sign up for the service. I got to register easily for the service by using Facebook, Yahoo or Google account credentials or by filling up a simple form with requisite details from within the app.

I can easily get access to particular property leaning to figure out more insights about it, reviews of people including comforts accessible, supports issued by neighborhood powers, banks which can issue advances for buy and floor arranges. Interestingly, the application likewise empowers one to compute the separation of a particular property from the closest school, clinic, shopping center, air terminal, railroad station and eateries among others.

GPS-Based Map Search

The application likewise offers a GPS based guide seek, which allowed me to hunt down property postings on Google maps and after that discover headings to the property from their ebband flow area.
In any case, what’s especially critical is that the application offers an increased reality-based inquiry usefulness, which permits one to hold the application in camera mode and search through property postings inside of 2.5 km range of their current area.

There was an option of clicking on these property listings to browse through more information about this listing, also can save the listing for future reference, share it via email to their friends and family or contact the property owner.

Besides this, the app also allowed me to set alerts to receive property listings for the current location or any specific location, based on various parameters like property type, budget range and time period.

Housing-Real Estate & Property APP EXTRA FEATURES:

Here are a portion of the extra components of Housing-real estate apps in india that you can use to locate the best properties to lease or to purchase.

  • Channels: There are numerous channels accessible like the BHK sort you are searching for, the quantity of bathrooms, rooms, whether you require TV, AC, clothes washer, cooler or some other such conveniences and afterward you can apply these channels to get the best loft.

  • Make Alerts: When you are not fulfilled by any property but rather you need to purchase one in the same area, then you can set alarms with day by day or week by week recurrence so you get an email at whatever point any new property is accessible in the area. 

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