May 6, 2012

Hosting a Free Conference Call [How To]

Conferences calls have long been a favorite of many people, from businesses to social college students. They make communication between several people extremely easy, without having to call each recipient individually to relay a message or other important information. Conference calls are of course used between professionals to hold virtual conferences, without the need to be in the same location. There are hundreds of providers that offer this service; however, you do not always have to pay to use the service.

Using Your Cell Phone on the Go for Free Conference Calls

Although every phone is different, this overview will give you a good idea of how to make free conference calls from your phone. You should search your particular phone model online to find exact instructions for performing a conference call if you need extra guidance. When you dial a number on your phone, you can press the hold button then proceed to dialing the second party. Once you have connected with both parties, your phone should display an option to connect the two separate calls into one. This is commonly used by many people, and is referred to as “Three-Way Calling”. On smartphones, there is also free conference calling applications. Some of these can allow for up to six individuals in a single call. If this does not meet your needs, there are two alternative methods you can use.

VoIP: One of the Best Choices for Free Conference Calling

There are a vast number of free online conference call providers. One of the most popular is Skype. Skype is a downloadable application that can be used to send and receive instant messages, files, photos, voice calls, and video calls. Due to its popularity, it is frequently a top choice for conference calls. Since you will be hosting your conference call online through VoIP, you can also use video conferencing; adding another dimension to the call. First, you must set up an account and download the required program from the provider. Once you sign in, add your intended recipients to your contact list. Proceed with selecting the conference call option from the Calls menu. You will then be able to add the recipients(s) to the call. Video conferencing is also available at this point.

Online-Based Services Provide Excellent Free Conference Calling Services

These providers allow you to sign up for an account, to receive a free conference call number. This is a great option if your recipients are going to be using cell phones or landline phones. Once you sign up for an account with the provider of your choice, you will receive a conference number and an access code. When you are preparing for the conference call, you should forward the time of the call, the conference number, and the access code to each participant. When the call is to begin, each participant will call the number and will be prompted for the access code to join the conference. These services are incredibly convenient, and can allow for up to twenty or more participants.

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