Nov 8, 2012

15 Latest Amazing Web Designs That Show the Power of HTML5

HTML 5 can be primarily defined as a mark-up language that can be used to present or publish data on the World Wide Web.  It also helps in the structuring of the content. It is the fifth version of HTML and is highly revised and improved. It also supports latest multimedia but at the same time it keeps it easily readable and understandable by the human beings.

At the same time it is easily understood and acceptable by the computers. Almost all web browsers these days completely support HTML 5 because this is what helps in correctly displaying or viewing the web pages. To switch to the latest version of HTML they simply have to update their previous version of the software and there is no need at all to install additional software.

This version of HTML however is still under development. Even when it is not entirely developed, HTML 5 has many amazing and totally surprising new features that also include many syntactic features. These features that are embedded in the new version of HTML are basically to ensure the easier handling and maintenance of multimedia and graphical content on the World Wide Web.

1) iPhone Pro

2) Jibe Visuals

3) Daspinkezimmer

4) Siminki

5) Web Design

6) Wood Work

7) Phive

8) Ella Design

9) 1Minus1

10) The Wilderness Down Town

11)  Touch Tech

12) Rome

13) Agent8ball

14) Hyper

15) Wee Society

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