Aug 30, 2011

Top 24 Free iPad Games

iPad is a tablet computer developed and designed by Apple Inc, it was announced on 27 January 2010 by Steve Jobs( Former CEO of Apple) and released in April 2010(US) and May 28, 2010( International). This tablet computer has great space among Apple product’ s users. Duration 2010, Apple has been sold 14.8 millions iPads worldwide more than any other all others tablet computers combined since the iPad’s released.

iPad using the same operating system as the iPhone and iPod touch. iPad can only run application distributed by Apple App store. This tablet computer is a great piece of technology via Apple. After one year  Apple launched iPad 2 the second generation of iPad. This second generation have some advanced features like front camera, A5 processor, memory(RAM 512 MB), etc.


iPad has a big collection of application for every category business apps, social media apps, education , news, photography, lifestyle, games, etc. This tablet provides great graphic environment to play games.

If you have iPad and you love to play games on it so i have a top list of free iPad games for games lovers for having fun and enjoy. This list has collection of free games that are more popular on internet. Huge number of paid games are available on internet but game lovers always wait for free games, you do not need to paid for games because we have collection of best free iPad games listed below.

Its our pleasure to share best games for games lovers ever time. Few days ago, we had provided best game 2011 for iPhone users. And this time, i have searching the best games for iPad users and finally i got the top list of free iPad games for having fun and enjoy.

These iPad games have updated version of 2011 listed below. You can share your valuable comments in our comment section below. I hope you will love to play these games.


1. Drift Mania Championship Lite

Drift Mania Championship is a very popular games in iTune and this applications are designed for both of  iPhone and iPad. This Drift mania is very easy to play because this games are highly skilled power street the car are control by driver.

2. Harbor Master

Harbor Master is best selling and beautiful big screen games iPad. And this games are 4 additional map inside the application.

3. Clickomania

Clickomania is an iconic Logic games this games are played the very simple one player is clear the filed and click the ball gain the point.

4. Flick Football

Flick Football : Swipe your finger to curve the ball around the wall. It’s simple to play, but a real challenge to master and you’ll be totally addicted to the numerous game modes. Compete using Game Center with global leaderboards and over 20 achievements.

5. Paper Toss: World tour HD

Paper Toss: World Tour is the best casual game experiences on the iPad. And this game is a very simply, Fun and you are addicted this Games Definitely.

6. Airpot Mania

Airport Mania: Pack your bags for an exciting trip as you take to the skies and journey from airport to airport helping customers along the way! Airport Mania: First Flight Lite has 2 different airports with unique challenges and whimsical planes


7. We City for iPad

We City from iPad the App Store to get access to this feature. The inventory is absolutely free to all players and lets you store an unlimited amount of any building, decoration or item you already own and have placed.

8. Ninja Chicken

Ninja Chicken HD is a fun game that offers up a bit of challenge and a whole lot of light hearted fun. There is a decent amount of fun that is only enhanced by great multiplayer games” –

9. Tank 90

Tank 90: You, controlling a tank, must destroy enemy tanks in each level, which enter the playfield from the top of the screen. A level is completed when the player destroys all 20 enemy Tanks, but the game ends if the player’s base is destroyed or the player loses all available lives.

10. Beauty Hunt

Beauty Hunt: In this hot summer, only hot girls can make your cool down! 48 hot grils’ photos from all over the world.

11. Littile Princess

Littile Princess is a dress up games. You can use your creative imagination to dress up the little Princess.

12. FastLane

Fastlane and Get ready for Fastlane Street Racing a high speed arcade racing game on the go. Weave through traffic in winding city routes and improve your driving on high speed race circuits.

13. Nitro RC

Nitro RC is a universal app running on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It supports retina display on the iPhone4. The game is also compatible with older devices, but an iPhone 3GS or better is recommended for optimal performance.

14. Combat Halicopter

Combat Halicopter: This is not simulation or classic flight game, you can control the chopper in spectator view only.

15. Chess With 9 Lavel

Chass: For each level, you have to win 3 consecutive times to pass. After all levels passed, you are the same level as professional Chess player.

16. Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter LE

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter is a console-quality hunting game which lets players explore huge non-linear locations as they attempt to track down a variety of dinosaurs and not become a prey.

17. Gun Bros

Gun Bros: Play with your Game Center friends or with random people with voice chat to take your Gun Bros experience to a whole new leve.

18. Robokill Lite

Robokill is a great little romp. Wandake Game Studios presents the most addictive game on iPad

19. Samurai II

20. Labyrinth

Labyrinth: The sequel to the original labyrinth game is available for your iPad, now with new levels fitted perfectly for the bigger screen.

21. 10 Pin Shuffle

Over 3 million downloads worldwide! 10 Pin Shuffle is now Universal! Download once and play on the iPhone and iPad with Enhanced High Detail Graphics.

22. Texas

23. FarmVille

Thanks to all our faithful FarmVille fans for playing and being patient! We hear your feedback and have already put in multiple fixes to speed up loading and gameplay.

24. Virtual Horse Racing 3D

Virtual Horse Racing 3D is the most realistic 3D horse racing game on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. It’s easy, exciting, fun, and highly addictive. Challenge yourself and see how much you can win.


  • ipad and galaxy which one is preferd plz let me know my mom wanna get me galaxy tab dad wants ipad if u think ipad is better plz mail me and let me know its features and y u prefer it plz

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      I think your dad is right. i will prefer you for iPad because this time apple app stoare has a big collection of apps( 500,000) than any other.check out this link – ….. you should go for ipad.

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