Oct 24, 2016

Effective advertising for the service sector business

Let’s speak about advertising for a small business. Correct and efficient advertising campaigns are some of the most important moments in the organization of business in any sphere.

As you probably know all small businesses can be divided into in the following categories:

– Service sector;
– Trade;
– Production.

In the present article you will get to know the most effective methods for the service sector in order to understand where it is efficient to invest and when investment will be just a waste of money.

The main ways of advertisement for service sector

1. POS materials distributed by promoters. It is one of the most effective forms of marketing. Simply print out the flyers with phone number. There are the promotion agencies that offer help to distribute your flyers.

2. The glossy leaflets to mailboxes. A5 format leaflets with phone numbers can be distributed to mailboxes in the city. I must say that it is not cheap. To reduce the cost of this kind of marketing, it is quite effective to get powered templates from the sites available on Internet, such as poweredtemplate.com. It will help you to make this and previously described type of marketing materials directly, without expensive intermediary help of web designer. It can save you not less than 30% of the cost.

3. Advertisement in local newspapers. It is quite effective still for such sector. You place ads in local newspapers under a heading Services. You purchase several mobile numbers with the city short numbers and market on all of them at once. Text promotion connected to each number can be different. Marketing in the newspaper is not so expensive and works well as for the money that you invest in it.

Additional ways of advertisement for service sector

1. TV ads. This promotion method is not as effective for the business in this sphere as the ones listed above, but still you can get a certain number of customers through it. Advertising of services on television makes sense in the format of scrolling text.

2. Internet advertising. You can place your ads for free on Internet bulletin boards and city forums. Just try to find local forums and message boards.

3. Business card with discount. Be sure to make high-quality laminated business cards with a 5% discount and give them to all your clients. If the quality of your services is nice, you can get a large number of returned customers.

4. Word of mouth. It is one of the most effective ways of promotion, when people begin to recommend you to their friends as professionals in the field.

It is essential to stress once again that the use of powered templates is one of the most effective ways to reduce costs for promotion. They can help you to make nice deal between expenses and potential benefit from your promotion campaigns.

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