Jul 31, 2015

Do up your home to get big return on investments


Real Estate is a very lucrative market. It is said that it is the best form of investment with maximum returns in the long run. In our metro cities the price of property has gone very high and small towns also are following suit. Be it Real Estate Delhi or Munnar, if one has the money, one should definitely invest in real estate as they property prices are only going to go higher due to the steady rate of development and increasing demand. When it comes to upgrading or remodeling, there are plenty of options, but it should always be done keeping in to consideration your long-term plans with the property. If you want to live in the property permanently, then one can go all out and customize it per ones needs and wishes. But if you are using your property as a holiday home and/or want to rent it out or sell it in a couple of years. Then keep in mind the demand of prospective buyers while remodeling or refurbishing your house. So let us look at some home projects that are a hit with buyers and guarantee to give you a good return on investment.

Kitchen- Always know your market and the lifestyle choices of people living in your area before making any changes to your property. But a fully functional modern kitchen is a sure shot way to attract buyers. Buyers love it when a kitchen is fully functional and loaded with appliances. Additionally a good looking kitchen, with cabinets and good countertops better your chances of selling the house. Don’t ever ignore the importance of a good kitchen to sell your house.

Paint- While one can be tempted to paint ones house in the colors of one’s choice, be aware that not all buyers will like it. Different people have different tastes and it’s better to be safe than be bold and ruin your chances of a sale. Go for neutral colors and earthy tones. Make sure the color appeals to both the sexes. If it’s a man shopping for your property he might not always be appreciative of our hot pink walls and it could put him off. The buyer should be able to visualize themselves in it and not the current owners. So think before going all out.

Curb Appeal- A curb appeal is the external appearance of one’s house. It is the first impression of sorts. What would someone think of your house if they had to drive past it? What impression does it give? It is very essential to work on the curb appeal of one’s house if they want to make a sale. A good garden, freshly painted house, a bright door can do wonders to increase the curb appeal. If a house looks shabby from the outside, few people are going to want to buy it, even if the house is good inside. This is because the buyer will have to incur extra costs to paint the exteriors and make it look presentable.

Bathroom- A wide, spacious bathrooms attract the admiration of a lot of people. If your bathroom is done up well, with new tiles and other installations, people will be instantly attracted to your house. It is always worth spending on bathrooms as people will also factor in the reduction of the remodeling cost of your bathroom. You will have a jolly good time while you live there and so will the future owner if your house.

Remodeling a house is a daunting task and should be carried out with maximum planning. Hope these tips help you in making a smart decision.



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