Dec 29, 2016

Do not worry about data loss again if you have this software

EaseUS is the best data recovery visit which secures and maintains the effective data recovery. It is the best data toolkit which provides the customers with the best data recovery experience. The working of this free data recovery software is very simple. The process can be completed in just a few simple steps.



  • The first and foremost step is to launch the data recovery wizard from the official website that is or any other recognized website. It is suggested that the data recovery software should not be installed on that particular disk from where the data has been lost. In case, this happens, the lost file and the data will be over written. Under this first you have to select the type of lost data and then a location has to be selected from where the finding has to begin.
  • The next step is to scan your digital device. You have to process and initiate the program in order to recover the lost data. The program will list the entire file that have been deleted or cleaned from the recycle bin. There are two types of scans under this category- one is the quick scan and the other one is the deeps can. The quick scan deals quickly healing problems whereas the deep scan takes a longer time to complete the scan. Under this type of scan the customer should not interrupt the scan in the middle.
  • The last step is to review and recover the files. Under this the customer will have to quickly filter the file. A preview button is also available with the help of which the customer can view the restored file. After previewing the files the customer can recover them by pressing on the recover button. Now the customer can save it on their computer or their storage devices. It is advised not to save the file into that particular drive where they were lost.

Qualities of data recovery wizard –

  1. One of the most important features is that EaseUS is transaction protected. There is security in transactions.
  2. It also offers thirty days money back guarantee.
  3. It is trusted by a million ofusers around the globe.
  4. One of it s most interesting features is that it supports large disk.
  5. The new and innovative feature also includes the facts that faster scans are available at ease us.
  6. The bas sectors are skipped automatically while the faster scans are being performed.
  7. The file recovery is possible after an accidental format and even after re-installation.
  8. The files can be brought back and restored even after the crash of operating systems.
  9. Innovative techniques and modern methods are being followed for the recovery and restoration of crucial information.
  10. The files can also be restored after a partitioning error.
  11. There is also English in German language support for the users.
  12. It is a high quality and safe file recovery system.
  13. It provides an intelligent search for all the possible file system on the hardrive.

Many advance features for the Pro version . It just cost you a little dollars to use it . Feel free to get it and use it for recovery now .

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