Mar 5, 2013

Depositphotos Review : Best Stock Agency Online

Images speak thousands words and this is only the main reason all bloggers recommend you to use right images in your blog posts. Images not only makes a post attractive but also helps to increase user engagement and traffic via various sites like Pinterest.

Now the question arises that where to find images ?

You might be thinking of Google Images. But do you know that using those images sometimes can lead to penalty of millions of dollars on you. This is because those images carry copyright and can’t be used without proper permission from the owner.

So now where to find images safely? Well Depositphotos is the answer to your problem.

What is Depositphotos?

Depositphoto is the best stock agency with millions of premium high-quality stock photos, royalty-free images, illustrations and vector art at affordable prices. Presently the photo stock company has more than 12 million royalty-free stock photos plus vector images.

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The image count is increasing rapidly with nearly thousands of new images daily. You can use these images without any hesitation or fear about copyright or licenses issues. If you are an advertiser, photo editor, designer, blogger, webmaster or content manager, then Depositphotos really has many photos to satisfy all your designing and photography requirements.

The quality of the photos you can find on Depositphotos is extremely high and thus would surely meet up all your requirements.

How Depositphotos work?

Depositphotos work by two type of users i.e. Photographers + Buyers.

For photographers, Depositphotos is a great website to sell your photos at lucrative prices easily. You can sell out your photos ranging from 10 cents per image during starting.  Later on you are qualified by quality basis, there are five levels a photographer can fall under, ranging from Green to Platinum. The higher level, the more you photos cost.

I heard a lot of positive reviews about this website and it is indeed a great website. Easy navigation is one of the main features of Depositphotos. Their plans are easily affordable.

Talking about the plans in detail, I would like to tell you that there are two types of plan namely PRO Subscription Plans and Pay-As-You-Go Credits.

PRO Subscription Plans are suitable for long-term users and in this you get a limit of downloading particular number of images for a particular period whereas Pay-As-You-Go Credits are if you want to buy images individually and non-regularly. You can check the plans in detail by visiting their website.

Why Choose Depositphotos?

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There are many reasons why i would recommend you to use Depositphotos and some of them are –

1. Millions of Photos to choose from

2. Cheap and easily affordable

3. Affiliate program

4. Royalty Free Images

5. Good Customer support

6. Advanced Search Bar for easy navigation

7. Photos divided into different categories like VectorsIllustrations

8. Thousands of new photos everyday

9. Suitable for photographers as well as buyers

10. Special offer available for Bloggers

Conclusion –

So Depositphotos is really must have service for both Bloggers as well as photographers. Not only this, If you are running a blog and are looking for fresh new images and videos or are willing to hold a contest that offers real prizes then Depositphotos can become your sponsor. You can check more details about this program by visiting

Thus I would recommend all of you to surely sign up for Depositphotos and use those high quality images to make your content more attractive and good-looking.

So that’s all for today. Stay connected and don’t forget to share your views about Depositphotos in comments below.

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