May 8, 2013

Create Beautiful Slide Presentations with EWC Presenter

Slideshare is called the “quiet giant of content marketing” with over 60 million monthly unique visitors and over 3 billion monthly slide views. However, it’s just one of the countless slide presentation sharing websites on the internet.

As a blogger or online business that wants to increase traffic, brand exposure and revenue one of the best ways to do this is by creating quality presentations that properly represent your brand and by distributing them to the right presentation sharing sites where they can go viral and result in more exposure for you.

However, while there are a lot of factors that determine how successful a slide presentation will be, one of the indicators is the look of the presentation; does it look like you’re reading another boring ebook or does it look like a well-branded and well-designed presentation?

Quality Presentations Can be Very Expensive

Finding the right designer to help you create quality presentations that can help further the message of your brand can be very expensive, especially when you have to do more of this; the cost of designing just one well-designed presentation can easily go into thousands of dollars, hence preventing a lot of bloggers and small business owners who aren’t design-adept from creating and marketing their businesses with presentations.

Creating Presentations Just Got Easy with EWC Presenter

With EWC Presenter you can create beautiful presentations without having to spend a cent.

Currently, EWC Presenter is in beta and as a result you can have free access to it to create presentations and other HTML5 files.

EWC Presenter creates presentations and multimedia files in HTML5 format, which means your presentations can be accessed on any device – mobile devices included – once they have been created.

Here are some main features of EWC Presenter:

1. Integration with Flickr: EWC Presenter is directly integrated with Flickr so you can easily find and use images with your presentation right from inside the app. This saves a lot of time and worries and also leads to creating the perfect presentation quickly and easily.

2. Save/Share/Embed Your Presentations: EWC Presenter also makes it easy for you to save your presentations and then gives you a link that allows you to share your presentations with friends or to embed it on your blog.

3. Templates and resources: To make it easy for you to effectively create your multimedia files, there are several templates, icons and resources provided by EWC Presenter that you can use to make creating your presentations easy.

4. Export your presentations: EWC Presenter also allows you to export your presentations so that they can be submitted to top presentation sharing sites such as Slideshare and others.

5. HTML5 Technology: EWC Presenter is based on the HTML5 technology so you can be assured that your files will be visible on any existing device as well as new devices yet to be made.


EWC Presenter has just one aim, to help you simplify creating quality presentations and multimedia files without having to spend a fortune; in other words, you can create unlimited presentations for free without having to learn to design.

EWC Presenter is currently in beta and is free as a result so the best time to check it out is now, when it’s still free and available to all.

You can find out more about EWC Presenter here.

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