Aug 13, 2013

Converting VOB files to Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a video editor having widespread popularity and use. The Movie Maker offers creating new videos or editing existing files present on your personal computer. Video created by Windows Movie Maker can be directly shared with friends on YouTube, Facebook, etc. One of the drawbacks of the Windows Movie Maker is that it has limitations in supporting certain file formats. With increasing use of DVD, VOB file format is extensively used. Windows Movie Maker does not support VOB format. So there is necessity for conversion for VOB file to Windows Movie Maker compatible format. Windows Movie Maker supports WMV, MPG or AVI file formats.

Easy Steps to Convert VOB files to Windows Movie Maker:

Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate provides the best solution to convert vob to windows movie maker.

Select your VOB Files to be converted:

Install the Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate in your personal computer. Open the interface and select ‘Add Files’ button. After selecting the button, you can browse through the files stored in your local drive and choose the VOB file format that you want to convert. Selecting required files is made easier in the Video Converter Ultimate. You can simply drag the file and place it in the converter interface, the file will be selected. You can also select number of VOB files to be converted simultaneously.

After the files are loaded on to the converter interface, you can choose from an array of editing options provided with the Video Converter Ultimate. Converting VOB file to Windows Movie Maker is fun as you can crop videos, insert subtitles, add special video effects, merge number of videos together etc. The ‘Edit’ button is provided at the side of every video icon. By clicking the button, you get access to edit your VOB files. The video editing dialogue box helps creating exclusive videos of your own.

Indicate the required output file format and mention the local drive Address:

Next you need to indicate the output file format for converting the VOB file to the required format. Click on the ‘Output Format’ and then follow Other -> Devices and select the WMV, MPG or AVI file format. WMV is extremely congruent with the Windows Movie Maker. Along with the WMV icons, you can also find other formats like MP4, MOV, MP3, AVI etc. Files can be converted to any of the rest formats also. Now select a destination folder on the local drive and make sure you have enough space to save the converted file. Once the VOB file is converted, you can find the converted WMV file in this location.

Start Conversion of the VOB file to Windows Movie Maker:

This is the final part of the conversion of the VOB file. After selecting the files, making appropriate changes according to your desire and selecting the conversion format, start the conversion process by clicking on the ‘Convert’ link. Pause till the conversion is over. Open the destination folder to view the converted VOB format to the Windows Movie Maker.

By converting the VOB file to Windows Movie Maker, you can create and share personalised videos with much ease.

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