Confessions of a Las Vegas Escort

Vegas Escorts

Las Vegas Escorts: Into the Life Of Someone Who Is Not What She Seems

People read about it online and see images on tv, but how well do you know the Las Vegas escorts and how they conduct their lives?

True Confessions: A Real Life Escort Bares It All


No, not the show starring Bruce Willis and Cybil Sheppard( I think that is her name). I am talking about who some of these women are. Some of the escorts that come from Vegas have a traditional middle-class upbringing. They went to church every Sunday like everybody else.

Some of these girls are full-time students in college or grad school. They make a lot of money doing it.

Some of these girls are parents to younger kids. Some of them are married to very “understanding of husbands. The point is these girls are just like you and me.

2)The Clients

The clients are not low-lives. The clients are predominantly well-to-do men who are between 40 and 60.

“Some of the men I see have wives and families of their own. The families are back in their townhome. Some events they go to do not allow their wives. They need someone to take so they call us. It is 100% on the up-and-up. A lot of the men I see are bankers, lawyers, and different types of doctors. I have also, on the occasion, been with a police officer or two. This is not about sex. This is more about companionship for the night to make the guy look good. As I said, you cannot always take your wives.”

Think of this as a cheaper version of the trophy wife.

Vivian: Look I would love to be your “beck and call” girl, but you are a rich, good-looking guy. You can get a million girls free.
Edward: I want a professional. I do not need any romantic hassles this week!
Pretty Women, 1990

3)Our Business Is A Well-Run Machine

We pay our taxes every year, like clockwork. A lot of us have our own site. We do our own promotional work. Do we deal with men who sometimes take advantage of us and what we do?

Yes, but we have rules in place to protect us.

Our expenses are pretty low. We do like to get dressed in fancy clothes and jewelry, but we take care of ourselves. We do accept gifts if the men want to give us something, but it has to be appropriate.

4)How Does it Work?

Mostly high-end things and places. We get paid well for what we do. Once again, this is not about sex. Sex is sometimes on the table for some of the men, either married or single, but only under certain terms and conditions. We go through everything with the men first. That way they know what the can and cannot do. The same rules apply for us too.

Some of us do as many as six calls in one night.

An example

One girl has a going rate of $2600 for the night. Multiple that number for the rest of the year. She makes almost $1 million in a year. She can claim her work as freelancing and make it simple.


They do have competition, That is why some of the rates are high. These girls and the agencies they work with have to entice the men to pick them over the others.

Do you ever run into a client off-the-clock?

“I once ran into this guy who I see regularly with his wife. The funny thing is that I do provide sexual services to him as well, based on private conversations we have had about his sex life with his wife. His wife has no idea. The look on his face was priceless when we saw each other. Let’s just say that his pants remained zipped until the smoke had cleared.”

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