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Jul 4, 2011

25+ High Quality Free Resources For Designers

In this article, we are going to provide some useful and free resources for web designers. Freebies – This is the most popular topic among designers and developers. Internet geeks always wait for free resources such as – Games, iPhone Apps, Android Apps, Songs, wallpapers also related to designs- free  fonts, free templates, Add-ons for designers, design tutorials and many more according to the requirement of users.

Tutorials and Resources – Here are thousand of websites, which are most popular in providing helpful tutorials and resources of designs. These websites have a great collection of free resources for graphic designer, web designers and developers also. On these sites, designers can share their works and ideas for free to use.

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Jun 27, 2011

30 Most Attractive Twitter Theme Backgrounds For Free Download

Every body knows that twitter is most popular social networking website where you can share views and ideas among your friends as well as find out your friend and celebrities. Twitter provides facility to change basic theme backgrounds according to requirement. On internet, there are so many websites to provide themes background for twitter.

Twitter has many themes for background with different colors and patterns. But these themes are not enough to make a choice. You can change your themes according to your personality and nature of work.

Twitter has millions of users with different choice. So today we are going to share some most attractive theme backgrounds of twitter. This list has every type of themes with font, color and background patterns.

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Jun 25, 2011

50 Examples Of Cool Business Card Designs

In this article, we are going to sharing some awesome and beautiful collection of Business cards designs for inspiration. Business card is the way to represent of your nature of work. “First impression is Last impression”- this quote is totally focus on Business cards its first impression of every business man. If you have attractive design of business card that always effect on your business.

This is the most important visual identity of every business man. Beautiful designs always attract users and make your identity different to others.

Their used beautiful combination of Fonts, color, background pattern in card designs. Designer can show their creativity in market and corporate field also to design beautiful business cards. To make business card more live used 3d effects, big font typography and images.

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Jun 23, 2011

30 Best Free And High Quality Fonts For Designers

Font– this is most important part of graphic design and every websites. Graphic designing is not a easy task for every one. In graphic designing- fonts , logos, background pattern, vector, icons and many more. Fonts, logos and background pattern plays the key role in website design. Background image is the first thing which comes in designers mind because this is start of every website layout design, Logo always present unique identity of of every company and brand, every graphic designer works hard on logos because logo present the nature of work and websites or company. So These all font are for you and use for the you’r important work.

Now a days, designers want to make website more attractive and unique, designers used fonts in typography web designs to make design layout beautiful and alive with fancy and stylish fonts.

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Jun 22, 2011

20+ Hottest 3D Typography Designs To Inspire You

Typography is the beauty of Design. Every Designer loves to use typography in website designs. This article is showing the most beautiful and killer 3D Text Typography designs will truly inspire you. Typography is a combination of fonts, size and spacing. Text Typography is a balanced art which is used in newspapers, books and web pages to balancing the text.

Typography can play a key role in web design to make most attractive and alive. Good typography starts with font family; choose these to meet your design goals, but keep them limited. Use text alignment to create relationships between different kinds of information. Create contrast by using a serif font for headings and a sans serif font for body text (or vice versa). You can also use italics, bold, tracking, or color to create contrast.

To make your typography designs more effective, every designer have to keep in mind some factors like as legibility, similarity alignment, uniformly and consistency and contrast. Legibility is the main part how to making your text more effective and clearly read by audience.

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