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Aug 9, 2011

Tumblr: 105 Best Free Tumblr Themes 2011

Tumblr – This is micro blogging platform defined a different way of blogging founded in 2007. With this platform, users can share content, images, links, music, video on World Wide Web. There is no need to follow any installation process on server, its free to use. This is most popular blogging platform around the world, getting more users everyday with its simple GUI( Graphical User Interface) and easy to use.

Tumblr has a big collection of themes with some great colors, beautiful layout designs, Fonts, Style, etc for free to use. It has been our pleasure to share best freebies for our readers.

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Aug 6, 2011

Top 35 Best iPhone Apps Web Designer Should Know

Apple is most popular multinational corporation that designs-  Personal Computers, iPhone, iPad, Laptop(MacBook), iPod with the  best known operating system Macintosh( Mac OS x). Now a days, this organization is growing day by day with its new technologies and gadgets like iPhone 4, Macbook Air, OS x Lion etc.

Apple has a great bond with its users and always try to make place among gadget geeks and whom crazy for new and fresh technologies. Two months ago. Apple hits millstone- Apple’s iTunes App store has more than 500000 application. Apple announced on Thursday hits millstone – 15 billion downloads applications.

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Jul 29, 2011

250+ Free Photoshop Brushes 2011

Photoshop brushes – this is the best technique or great way to make your project more beautiful with lots of colors and patterns. It has been our pleasure to share always freebies on our blog. Today we are featuring beautiful collection of Free Photoshop brushers of 2011. Photoshop brushes help you to do everything in your images and text like floral effect, dirty shade, dust shade, swirls and many more. Thousand of websites are available for providing hundred of thousands brush sets on internet. But we have select some best brush sets in my list for free download.

These brushes helps in your designing work like brochure design, banners design, logo design, background patters and many more. this is the great tool which helps to make any of project more attractive and beautiful.

Visit these list and select your favorite one for your next project. Click on the link and find the original link to get theme. you can share your thought in our comments section below.

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Jul 28, 2011

30 Fresh And Impressive Logo Designs Of June And July 2011

Today we are going to share some fresh and inspirational logo designs for graphic designers. This is the first time, presenting some inspirational stuff on my blog. Logo – this presents the identity of any company or websites and define the nature of work. Logos always makes separation to others. This is the part of graphic design, not a simple task, always a big challenge for graphic designer. Graphic designer always keep one think in their mind that is, the logo should be in beautiful, impressive and in the way of working nature.

On internet, there are huge number of websites to get an logo design ideas. Visit these sites and get idea to make your logo for your company or website.


In this list you can find some best logo design for inspiration. These are the best collection of logos of June and July 2011. I Hope you like these logos and appreciate this wonderful work done by graphic designers.

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Jul 27, 2011

5 Best Free Android Apps Graphic Designer Should Know

Android – This is most popular OS( Operating System) using Smartphone.  As we said in our last article – Android has a big collection of apps in its app store. Its has a big community of developers who build application for android platform. Android had presented more than 2500000 apps for android. Android market is most famous online app store among android lovers run by Google. This operating system gives freedom to download apps from third party sites.

Today we come with android apps which are most useful for graphic designer. If you are a graphic designer, has a Smartphone with android operating system then you should visit this list and make your work more easy and simple.

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Jul 25, 2011
Comments Off on 30 Best Free Joomla Templates 2011

30 Best Free Joomla Templates 2011

Freebies always on high demand among technology lovers. They are waiting for some freebies always like templates, themes, design tutorials, fonts, logos, icons, software and many more. Few days ago, we presented some free stuff for these technology lovers, thanks a lot for appreciates these article and shared among their friends via social networking sites. We always try to post free and useful technology related resources on my blog. So today we come with free templates of Joomla.

Joomla is the most popular open source CMS (Content Management System) used for publishing content on World Wide Web. It includes features like page caching, RSS feeds, Blogs, etc uses Object Oriented Programming techniques and MySQL for stored database.

In this list we have some high quality and free Joomla templates with great features and attractive design layout. You can use these templates according to your requirement such as business websites, education site, blog site, portfolio, etc.

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Jul 21, 2011

20 Useful Adobe AIR Applications Designer Should Know

We always trying to post some useful design related resources on ZoomZum. Few day ago we has presented some great resources for designers, which appreciated a lot by designers. Today we come with Adobe Air Application for designers. Adobe Air – This is a cross Platform Runtime Environment also known as Adobe Integrated Runtime was introduced  on 25 February 2008. Its developed by Adobe system for developing rich internet applications using Adobe flash, Ajax, Adobe Flex, JavaScript and HTML also run as desktop application. These AIR applications are the best in respect to their great functionality and features.

Adobe air applications are most popular among designers and developers because this can save your time and complete your task in less time using these AIR applications.

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Jul 15, 2011

15 Awesome jQuery Lightbox Scripts For Free Download

Thanks a lot to readers for appreciate our previous design and development related articles of ZoomZum. As we said in last article – jQuery is a popular libraries of JavaScript which used to make web applications more easier and effective. This jQuery library used to develop Ajax based applications, web 2.0 web applications and make code more simple and easy to JavaScript programmers. Lightbox – this is JavaScript application which is used to display image/picture after using model dialogs. This script making space among web developers due to its simple style and easy implementation.

Lightbox allowed users to just click on image and view the large version of images without refreshing current page. This application used XHTML to determine which image will shown in model dialogs.

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Jul 14, 2011

20 Best WordPress Themes For Free Download 2011

WordPress is a world most popular CMS(Content Management System) used For blogging. Its very simple and easy to use that make it most famous among blogger. WordPress is only one CMS that has a big collection of free themes with attractive design layouts. Every month, Number of designers shares their themes on internet but, if you going to search free WordPress theme is a time-taking job as you have to devote time to find the best themes. And if you have any specific condition like color, color combination and attractive design layout taking more time to find these.

Here are the best collection of free wordpress themes of 2011 has awesome design layout with attractive features and functionality. I hope these themes is perfect for your blog and personal website. We always trying to post some useful articles on my blog. Two days ago, we had shared best free HTML5 website templates of 2011. Thanks a lot to our readers for appreciate this article very much.

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Jul 12, 2011

20 Best Free HTML5 Website Templates Of Year 2011

HTML is basic programing and web design language helps to create attractive and beautiful website layouts. HTML5 is the highest version of Hyper Text Markup Language(HTML). This advance version of HTML is compatible to all browser with its functionality and features. HTML 5 has some new and awesome features that make it most popular among web designers now a days.

Using this in websites template designs that make it more easier and effective. You must have knowledge about this web language to impressively design websites.

HTML5 adds many new syntactical features. These include the <video>, <audio>, and <canvas> elements, as well as the integration of SVG content. These features are designed to make it easy to include and handle multimedia and graphical content on the web without having to resort to proprietary plugins and APIs (wikipedia).

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