Sep 20, 2013

Blogging : The Web Log (Infographic)

What is blogging? It is logging your view point about a personal or professional aspect of anything around the world and websites published it in chronological order. It all started with the concept of maintaining a personal diary but gradually it got a professional touch when people started it to earn money by blogging. The dire need of expression gave birth to blogging. People love to share their views and ideas about topics of common interests. Blogs are considered as strong source of mass communication where it has the ability to change, divert or streamline views of a large number of people. It is like a network where known, unknown people across the world talk about same stuff and add all new fresh way of thinking. The varied cultures come closer and everyone involved taste this diversity. It is a fantastic way of learning and networking between people living distantly.

The growth and emergence of blogging got started in late 1990’s. It was in 1999 when the term “Blog” was coined. It was nothing but a collaboration of two word; “Web” and “Log”. Post that the logging one’s ideas on web became Blogging. Today there are several website dedicatedly working on blogging. If we see at estimations around 84% of the top 100 website on internet provide mobile content. There is a huge community of bloggers around the world who contribute on these websites daily. Apart from personal stuff blogging has become quite popular as a tool for advertising. Professionals write about information about different products and brands but it has been found that 71% of the bloggers only write about those brands which according to them are reputable.

No doubt the popularity of this written mode of communication is huge and when I say that in February of 2011, over 156 million public blogs were in existence on internet then I am not exaggerating. All of us who are aware about internet can’t stay untouched with this era of blogging. Earlier only manual updates were done but today several tools are used for the purpose. Best part is it is still evolving and that too at exponential speed.

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