Dec 6, 2013

Best Trusted Data Recovery Tool

Today almost everyone holds some data in their Computers. Computers are now most common medium to store any data. But imagine the situation when your computer’s hard drive got deleted or erased, What will you do now? You think that all your data is lost? NO!! There are many great data recovery software which can bring your data back. But only some can recover all the sectors of your hard drive and one of the best in them is EaseUS data Recovery.

EaseUS Data Recovery software is another great file undelete program. Recovering files is very easy to do with just a few clicks. My favorite aspect of EaseUS Data Recovery software is that the user interface is structured much like Windows Explorer. While that may not be everyone’s ideal way to display files, it’s a very familiar interface that most people are comfortable with.


This recovery software will undelete files from hard drives, optical drives, memory cards, and pretty much anything else that Windows sees as a storage device. It can also partition recovery! Please know that Data Recovery Wizard will only recover a total of 2 GB of data before you’ll need to upgrade. I almost didn’t include this program because of that limitation but since most situations call for undeleting much less than that, I’ll let it slide. Data Recovery Wizard supports Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP, as well as Windows Server 2012, 2008, and 2003. This is why this software it best data recovery software and trusted by millions of users around the globe.

My Experience with EaseUS data Recovery software –

My 16GB SD-RAM card got corrupted somehow, with hundreds of files onboard; mostly images, and a bunch of videos.

I bought “Adroit” (at $54 Cdn), only to discover AFTERwards that it only retrieved photos. No videos, no sound recordings. Very disappointing. Also, Adroit RENAMED all the images with it’s proprietary “carve00XXX…” label format, which meant I would have had to RENAME all my retrieved files manually to the same format as all my other photos.

AAARRGGHH! Went searching back for EaseUS.

EaseUS cost a little more, but it brought back ALL the images, ALL the videos, AND the one sound recording file on the chip.
AND, to my great relief, it brought them all back WITH THE ORIGINAL “” LABEL FORMAT of the standard photo file system. What a relief! Major time saver!

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