Feb 15, 2012

Best Of The February 2012 – The Beautiful Website Designs

The internet usage is increasing across the globe and more and more people are making usage of the internet for various purposes and so they visit various websites. The websites that we browse on a daily basis are designs in a certain way to make it look attractive and amazing so that more and more consumers are attracted to it.

If the websites that we browse would have been plain and without any theme or design, all the websites on the internet would have looked similar to each other, there would have been no element that would separate them from each other and because of that these websites wouldn’t have been attractive and users would get bored of using them.

These web design galleries basically do the work of helping the designers and providing them inspiration to design their own website. The designs on these web galleries are creative and innovative and offer mazing design that act as an inspiration for the web designers because it is very important have the websites look attractive and innovative to attract more and more people.

Few days ago we listed some Best Web Designs of 2011 and now we have listed some Best Fresh Web Designs. Have a look at these new and awesome designs and please share your thoughts in our comment section below.


1) Bamboo Fashion

2) Apbaxter

3) Boer Besetzen

4) Pepper Mint Design

5) Nolte Design

6) Carter Digital

7) Small Studio

8 ) 67Pixels

9) Kipling

10) Wearelanding

11) Rickyb

12) Heatherhawk

13) Misoramen

14) Artandcode

15) Decode

16) Golpesdepincel

17) Sleek Design Studio

18) Jinevradesign

19) Confab2012

20) Netconnexions

21) Asiance

22) Brandglue

23) Ilinas

24) Mobile Design Studio

25) Galleryofmo


  • Thank you! I’m proud to be here with my new portfolio!

  • Hello! Thanks for putting Brand Glue in the gallery. Loving 67Pixels too, nice one!

  • Thanks for featuring my portfolio site! I’ve just done a redesign so I hope it looks even better now. Let me know if you like the improvements!

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