Dec 22, 2011

Best Of 2011 – Best Goodies Of 2011 You Should Not Miss

2011 can be consider as a great year where numerous number of technology stuff been introduced such as gadgets, software, games, apps and various other things. For tech savvy people the year 2011 has surely been a great year with loads of new things for the. Apart from the gadget world the music and the graphic industry has also experienced great changes.

A lot of new rock, pop, jazz, hip-hop albums were released that proved to be a great hit all over the world. Music industry has seen a lot of success and one sure reason for this immense success is that people’s love for music has also increased immensely and knows no heaps and bounds. Slow, groovy, rock and roll, hip hop and you name it; music love never seems to end. Various albums were released of all kinds keeping in mind the popular choices.

Moving to the graphic and gaming industry, when a lot of new gadgets came up a lot of games and apps were released with it. Games of all sorts-arcade, action, puzzle and various others came up and were hugely demanded by people. Similarly in the gadget zone, apart from cell phones and tablets various new laptops came up which were also on most people’s demand list.

Therefore this year definitely proved to be success and profitable for all the people and also saw a lot of technological advancements with it.

1. Best Of 2011 –  10 Best Commercials of 2011

This year a lot of new ads were released. All the ads that came up were better than each other in some ways. Each had a different feature that attracted the viewers. Be it commercials related to eatables like chocolates, candies, or any other confectionery item or automobiles like cars, bikes or scooters or gadgets each add proved to be very attractive and innovative at the same time. One such example can be the use of animates sharks in the snickers add. Many such adds using this sort of animations also came up.

2. Best Of 2011 – Best Books of 2011

For book readers the year 2011 surely had a lot of good things in store and a lot of surprises. Books of all kinds from fantasy to friction to romance, action, drama tragedy and various other books by well-known authors were released that created a mark for themselves. All these books not only had great stories but were interesting as well and so attracted a lot of people.

3. Best Of 2011 –  Best Audio Books of 2011

Normal books are of no surprise to anyone. Everyone has been reading books but for the first time ever people would be able to listen to books. This means they can simultaneously read books while doing any other work. You don’t have to spare extra time to read or you don’t even have to worry about having no time at all to read books.

4. Best Of 2011 –  Best Films of 2011

2011 had something in store for everybody. Be it gadget crazy, tech savvy people or book lovers or music and gaming lovers, 2011 had something or the other for everybody. So how could it disappoint the cinema lovers? This year we also witnessed some mind bowing super hit movies of our favourite movie stars. From romance to action to comedy drama or thriller this year every movie had something unique about it. Some of the top super hit movies included submarine, the arbor, tabloid and many more.

5. Best Of 2011 –  Best 50 albums of 2011

Music is that one thing that can make up anyone’s mood the easiest way. Music, of any kind, rock, pop, jazz, rock and roll, groovy, loud, soft and slow or any other kind, it has the capability of bringing everybody back to life. This year a lot of music albums were released that were loved by the people. Some of them were Frank Turner – England Keep, Mates of State – Mountaintops, Drake – Take Care and lots more.

6. Best Of 2011 –  Best 50 Websites of 2011

Internet is a great source of information and especially for the teenagers because the young generation finds searching for things on the newspaper and journals very boring and monotonous. Therefore it is very important for the websites to be attractive and interesting and full of sufficient information to attract most people. The best websites of this year include some music, games and websites relating to finance and many more.

7. Best Of 2011 –  Best Funny Commercials of 2011

Well most people buy their products by getting influenced by a commercial. Commercials are basically put up on the television to tell a person about a particular product and to influence him to buy that product. Therefore it is very important for the commercial to be attractive and influencing to make the customer buy it in a single go. It should be mind and eyes capturing and funny and a little humorous at the same time. Some such funny commercials are Funny Deodorant Commercial and Funny Commercial: “Drama Queen”.

8. Best Of 2011 – Best Games of 2011

Gaming is the best time pass for people who love gaming and are truly fond of it. For gamers this year has been a fantastic one. A lot of games were released of all types action arcade, puzzle, adventures and a lot many other games. Some of them are Alice Box of Choco, Fallout 777 and various others.

9. Best Of 2011 – Best Android Apps 2011

Android phones have a lot of applications that are a lot cheaper than the iPhone ones are some of them are even free. These apps are very attractive and immediately attract users. Millions of applications are available on the android phones. One of the best user friendly and amazing apps includes Facebook, twitter, foursquare, tumblr and many others too.

10. Best Of 2011 – Best Smartphone Of 2011

A lot of smartphones were released this year with unique features and were greatly demanded by the people. All the people were influenced by the uniqueness of these phones are mostly all the people own a smartphone or would like to. Some of the best smartphones include iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S 2 and many more.

11. Best Of 2011 – Best iPhone Games 2011

iPhone 4 and 4S were released this year and has very attractive features and one of them is the games available on iPhones. It has all sorts of games-action, arcade, puzzle and all sorts. Some of the best iPhone games include Mos Speedrun, Mighty Fin, Legendary Wars and many more.

12. Best Of 2011 – Best Free Antivirus Of 2011

The danger of spam is increasing day-by-day and so is the need for antivirus softwares. Since the antivirus is very expensive it is very important to provide them for free because a lot many people cannot afford it. Some free antivirus softwares include Microsoft Security Essentials 2011, Avg Free Antivirus Software 2011, Avast Free antivirus 2011 and similarly many more.

13. Best Of 2011 – Best Antivirus Of 2011

It is very obvious that every computer needs an antivirus system. It has become very essential these days because it protects the computer from any kinds of virus and keeps the PC clean. Some of the best antivirus includes AVG Antivirus 2011, McAfee Antivirus Plus 2011 and many more.

14. Best Of 2011 – Best Gadget of 2011

2011 has been a very interesting year for the gadget freaks and a lot of interesting gadgets were released this year. From smartphones, to laptops to tablets all the gadgets released this year were surprising. Some of them were HTC Thunderbolt from Verizon, Motorola Atrix 4G and many more.

15. Best Of 2011 – Best Browser Of 2011

When people talk about the internet, the most important thing that it needs to have is a good browser. It is the main component and needs to be a really good one. A lot of good browsers are available on the internet and some of the best ones are Mozilla Firefox 4, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 9i, and many more.

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