Jun 23, 2011

30 Best Free And High Quality Fonts For Designers

Font– this is most important part of graphic design and every websites. Graphic designing is not a easy task for every one. In graphic designing- fonts , logos, background pattern, vector, icons and many more. Fonts, logos and background pattern plays the key role in website design. Background image is the first thing which comes in designers mind because this is start of every website layout design, Logo always present unique identity of of every company and brand, every graphic designer works hard on logos because logo present the nature of work and websites or company. So These all font are for you and use for the you’r important work.

Now a days, designers want to make website more attractive and unique, designers used fonts in typography web designs to make design layout beautiful and alive with fancy and stylish fonts.

Have a look at our last article on ZoomZum is 20 hottest 3d typography designs for inspiration. I always share some great and useful resources with our readers. I need support of Our readers whom always appreciate our compilations. So today we come with best collection and high quality free font. Please always read legal documents before download these fonts for commercial use.

I hope graphic designers will appreciated these attractive and stylish fonts and feel free to use and download these. You can share your views on our comment section below. Also visit our some last articles –

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1) Chocolate Dealer


2) Something Dangerous

Download Something Dangerous

3) Mouseo Slab

Download Museo Slab

4) Decani

Download Decani

5) Varsity

Download Varsity

6) Viva La Vida

Download Viva La Vida

7) Type

Download Type

8 ) Night Stalker


9) Kenyan Coffee

Download Kenyan Coffee

10) Click Clack

Download ClickClack

11) K7 Wednesday

Download K7 Wednesday

12) Windsong

Download Windsong

13) Gaby Pergi Ke Bali

Download Gaby Pergi Ke Bali


Download OSPDIN

15) Krisiti


Download Krisiti

16) Six Caps

Download Six Caps

17) Nova Solid


18) Noted V1

Download Noted V1

19) Pacifico

Download Pacifico

20) Huskmelk

Download Huskmelk

21) Conrad Veidt

Download Conrad Veidt

22) Markur

Download Markur

23) FTF Leafy Lopstonesia

Download FTF Leafy

24) Lavirint

Download Lavirint

25) Dizajnerski

Download Dizajnerski

26) Re Donk U Less

Download Re-Donk-U-Less

27) Oh The Horror

Download Oh The Horror

28) Bomb Font

Download Bomb Font

29) Fred Wild West

Download Fred Wild West

30) Azoft Font Family

Download Azoft Font Family


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