Sep 23, 2013

Anatomy of a Link (Infographic)

Since when internet has become the ultimate source of sharing, communication and networking, people use links for exchanging information. According to experts 70% of a site’s ability to get good rankings in search engines depends upon the site that link to it. You should also note that getting your share of the 9.2 trillion links on the web is not hard but number is not the ultimate goal, the weightage of the link is also important. Weightage of a link depends upon :

Domain authority

Domain is important, remember that a single link from The New York Times may be worth 200 links from random directory sites. Hence it is advised that sites with a SEOMoz domain authority of 30 or higher should be preferred. But there is an important point which you should keep in your mind that obsession with authority is also not always suitable option because in the time it takes to get a NYT link you can get 500 links from the other sites.

Page Authority

Authority is also linked to each page of the site. For example, a link from the home page of another site is usually better than a forum thread deep in the site. The number of pages linked to the page takes a stand as today web is nothing but a network of inter-linked pages.


The ultimate inference of Page authority is co-citation. The search engines looks for questions like: which keywords are used on the page? Are there too many links to other pages on this page? What content is around the links to the other pages?  Too many links on one page are not suggested. It is good to have the page linking to you be related to your topic and have your link in a paragraph of text about your topic.

Anchor text

Anchor text is the actual word that is linked to your site. Instead of “Click here” or links with your firm name as anchor text your target keyword should be in the link itself.

These were few pointers which must have given you some idea about the links with which you have faceoff in your daily lives. So keep them in mind when you go to get some links/pages in future.

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