Jul 27, 2015

All you need to know about sofa cleaning

You might think of cleaning sofa as a very tedious task, it simply doesn’t work well no matter how intensively you work to clean it, and it all gets you back to square one, reaffirming your belief that it indeed is a very painful task. Well the good thing is – it isn’t! Cleaning sofa is easy; only if done in the right way – in conjunction with adequate tools.

sofa cleaning

Are you all set for a great sofa cleaning experience? Great! Let’s great started with it, follow it step by step and you will be all done.

  1. Pre-clean the sofa: Vacuum your sofa first to get rid of significant dust particles, however if you don’t have an access to vacuum, you can also use a little brush for spots that have heavy dust. With that being said, vacuum has great lead over conventional methods, because of its ability to take dusts from the corner, which can’t be done with equal efficiently with brushes; a typical 1400 W vacuum perfectly serves the purpose. You can also go for 1200 W if you are low on budget, but then you would have to be more patient and go very slowly to ensure that you hang onto an area for ample time so that vacuum can do its job. If there are any hard surfaces, you may additionally want to wipe them, although it is not essential, but it certainly helps in your sofa cleaning task.


  1. Clean it with solution: Once you have pre-cleaned your sofa, get onto the task of hard cleaning it, don’t worry – it isn’t difficult. First you need to precondition the fabric using any pre-conditioner, which you can find in any supermarket. Spray it on your sofa so that it gets ready for detergent cleaning. Mix water based detergent with water in proportion of 50:50, make about a liter of solution and first apply that on a small part of sofa to ensure that there it doesn’t impact color of your sofa. Once you have ensured that it doesn’t affect your sofa’s color,


  1. Go all out steam cleaning: for that you need a stream cleaner; you can buy it online if you don’t have one.
    Steam cleaner will have a tanker wherein you would need to mix the solution with shampoo and apply it on Sofa, once you are done, let the sofa dry clean, ensure that you turn on fan to make the process faster.



While performing sofa task, be very particular about the proportions that you use be that be of detergent, water, or that of shampoo, you might think that putting in more shampoo to your steam cleaner would help, but that would be counter-productive. These methods are tested over a period of time by numerous sofa cleaning professionals, and it works best when you work exactly how it is mentioned, of course there is always a scope of improvement, but you can keep that for a later stage – once you get very familiar with the process, try to add something else that you think might work for you.


It also pays to get a competent professional to take aid in getting this done, because theories can never substitute a practical experience, and it is possible that you may not have all the tools like steam cleaner vacuum etc to perform the cleaning, here’s a an app that can really come handy to get you right sofa cleaning professional. It is recently launched in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai, so if you live in these cities, it might just be an app for you. It is called UrbanClap India which is available on both Android and Apple platforms, with many users vouching and endorsing the app because of positive impression that UrbanClap’s services left on them. Moreover if you book it on a lucky day, you might just end up getting a good deal which may help you save as much as half of the sofa cleaning cost.




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