Mar 31, 2012

9 Best eBooks for Perl Programmers

eBook – An electronic book is a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, and produced on, published through, and readable on computers or other electronic devices. Some e-Readers or e-Books hardware device are used to read out these ebooks(Wikipedia). Today we are going to share best Perl Programming E-books for developers.

People best perceive things by readingthem and so they need books but for those who cannot buy each and every kind of book, internet is the perfect solution.Internet has come up with E-books to solve the problem. EBook is a digitally published form of a book which can be read on computer or on any other electronic device.

A few days ago, we had provided sites to get free ebooks, and HTML5 ebooks for web designers, we thankful to readers for appreciate these articles and share their views. I hope perl programmers would love to download these e-books and start lean and get knowledge about perl.

Visit this list and share your thought in our comment section below. Thanks

1) Beginning Perl

2) Higher Order Perl

3) ImpatientPerl

4) Modern Perl

5) Learning-Perl

6) Object-Oriented-Perl

7) Perl-Best-Practices

8 ) Perl-Hacks-Programming

9) Advanced Perl Programming

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  • Learning Perl is by far the best Perl book on the market. I used it to develop Perl applications and it was really helpful. I think I still have it somewhere.

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