Aug 14, 2011

8 Best jQuery Mobile Plugins

Its our pleasure to share some best article related to the design and development on ZoomZum. This time we come with some best jQuery Mobile plugins for Mobile device users. As we said in last articles – jQuery is the popular JavaScript library, you can include this library in web project to make it easier and more effective than others. This jQuery library used to develop Ajax based applications, web 2.0 web applications and make code more simple and easy to JavaScript programmers. Programmers can create beautiful effects using just short line of code. Now a days, its most powerful jQuery library used in websites.

This list have some great mobile plugins that make mobile device more handy. Mobile plugins like – photo Swipe, Mobile Photo album, jQuery Drag and drop and many more.

Few day ago, we had provided Google map plugins, 10 best jQuery plugins, Google APIs, etc. Thanks to readers for appreciate our previous articles and share views. You can share your thought in our comment section below.


1) Drag And Scale For IOS

2) jQuery Mobile Photo Album

3) Jquery Mobile Device Drag And Drop

4) Jquery Swipe

5) jQuery Mobile with Google Map

6) Photoswipe

7) keep Reading

8 ) jQuery Mobile Datebox

9) Advanced Browser Check


10) jQuery Mobile ActionSheet


  • Wow! This is one of the few articles out there that deal specifically with mobile jQuery plugins! We are currently working on a mobile version of our course schedule, and this list will surely comes in handy! Thanks!

  • Wowowowow Looks like PhotoSwipe is the one that I needed until now. Thanks for pointing it. Will be using and testing it right away. Kudos.

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