Sep 5, 2011

8 Best Battery Saver Apps For Your Smartphone

If you are smartphone user then you should readout this article for saving your battery life. Battery, one of the most important part of every phone. So today we going to share some useful stuff for your smartphone. This article has best battery saver apps for smartphone users.

These apps provides some batter functionality that improve your battery backup and its life. This list has best collection of apps for every smartphone like iPhone, Android phone users, Blackberry smartphone and Nokia Users. Now a days, Android phone and iPhone has great space among phone lovers, these getting popularity everyday.


I have been searching some best stuff for Smartphone users and finally i got best collection of apps that save their battery life. Its our pleasure to share some great stuff for our readers, we are thankful for appreciation our previous articles and share their valuable comments.

Few day ago, i had been provided some useful apps for iPhone and Android users. If you have any apps that does not show up in this list, please share with us, i will mention in my nest list. You can share your thought in our comment section below.


1) LTE onOff


2) Battery Booster for Blackberry


3) Battery Extebderpro Nokia


4) iPhone/iPad Battery God


5) Advanced Task Killer Android



6) Battery Led


7) Battery DoctorPro


8 ) Quick Setting

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  • Thanks. I useadvance task manager for my android.

    Best regard


  • What a list!
    What a delight!
    What a pleasure!
    A real demonstration how joyful and useful altruism can be

  • JuiceDefender for Android is a good app to save battery and internet data usage.

  • Advanced Task Killer will ABSOLUTELY load your Android phone with the Admobs popup virus.

    A good rule of thumb is to install a single app per day and reboot your phone immediately.

    If no popups show up in 24 hours, its probably safe.

  • I will definitely check out these apps! thanks!

  • after installing juice defender app on my samsung galaxy s android, my mobile running last longer up to 2 and half days with normal browsing internet, playing small games and listening music. 🙂

  • Thanks i will try using

  • Great list of battery saving Apps 🙂

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