Jun 13, 2012

6 Free C++ Graphics and Game Libraries

C++ is a multi paradigm, free form complied, general purpose and thus a very powerful language used basically forthe purpose of programming. This language is regarded as an intermediatelevel language .The main reason for this is that it consists of both high level as well aslow level features.

It is one of the most popularprogramming languages due to many reasons. It has application domains which include system software, device drivers, application software and many other including client applications and entertainment software of which the best example is a video game.

In this list we introduces some highly useful C++ graphics and game libraries. These libraries has provides a great interface to add these functionality to their project or application easily. C++ users would love to use these libraries for their next project.

Today we are going to share C++ graphic and games Libraries for developers, i hope these libraries would help developers a lot in their next project to make impressive and attractive layout for theirnest applications. Visit this list and share your thought in our comment section below.

1) Antigrain

Anti-Grain Geometry (AGG) is an Open Source, free of charge graphic library, written in industrially standard C++. The terms and conditions of use AGG are described on The License page. AGG doesn’t depend on any graphic API or technology. Basically, you can think of AGG as of a rendering engine that produces pixel images in memory from some vectorial data.

2) Amanith

AmanithVG SRE is a pure software solution that grants a superlative vector graphics quality without to sacrifice performance on any kind of architecture / platform. Thanks to its original polygon rasterization algorithm and dedicated optimized scanline fillers, this engine constitues the fastest OpenVG software rendering solution available on the market.

3) Codehead

4) Oscilloscope Lib

5) Lib SDL

Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, 3D hardware via OpenGL, and 2D video framebuffer. It is used by MPEG playback software, emulators, and many popular games, including the award winning Linux port of “Civilization: Call To Power.”

6) Ogre 3d

OGRE (Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine) is a scene-oriented, flexible 3D engine written in C++ designed to make it easier and more intuitive for developers to produce applications utilising hardware-accelerated 3D graphics. The class library abstracts all the details of using the underlying system libraries like Direct3D and OpenGL and provides an interface based on world objects and other intuitive classes.

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