Aug 28, 2012

6 Best Sites to Learn Android Programming Quickly

Android system has become very popular these days. It is Linux based operating system and it is primarily designed for gadgets basically mobile phones such as the most recent popular gadget in the market smart phones and tablet devices that have also become very popular in a very short period of time.

Since it a very new technology the android development is the most recent topic for discussion and there are a lot of ways for the same. Some of the most common and used ways for studying android development are either buying and selling android books or even by visiting various sites that can provide essential information on the same.

If the books and the websites are not providing enough information that is needed then there are plenty of video tutorials that are also available on the internet very easily. You can visit any of the various sites that are available and can watch the videos because there are a lot of them available and so there is plenty of information available to the people. These videos that are available are also very easy to understand and can be watched by any person trying to understand android operating system.

Today we are going to provide the best way to learn and get knowledge about android. These are most important sites for android developers to make useful applications. A few days ago, we had covered some best eBooks, android app and best android games for our readers. Visit this list and get knowledge about android. Also shared your thought in our comment section below.

1) Android Training

Welcome to Android Training. Here you’ll find a collection of classes that aim to help you build great apps for Android, using best practices in a variety of framework topics.

Each class explains the steps required to solve a problem or implement a feature using code snippets and sample code for you to use in your apps.

2) Android Tutorials

3) Google Code University 

Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an os, middleware and key applications. The Android SDK site provides the tools and APIs necessary to begin developing applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language.

4) Training Android Apps

5) Android Bootcamp Series

6) Android Programming For Beginners

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