May 21, 2013

5 Tips for Web Designers to Stay Productive

Nothing is a better job than working only when you really wish to work. Be it in middle of night, on the bed, watching soccer match or just lying on bean bag. These are the reasons many people are switching over to freelance web designing. It provides you with complete freedom and relaxed mood to work. No doubt when your mind is relaxed the work productivity increases, but it also can bring in lot of distractions. If you are not disciplined while working at home you may tend to loose lot of projects and thus become unpopular in market. As a web designer you need to stay focussed and punctual with any project to complete it with honesty.

Success and failure have a fine border line. You need to explore every available opportunity or create work for yourself to keep your mind alert; else you may fall into a pit full of darkness. You may not always have work in your hand, and in such cases your creative side is tested the most.

At these times it is required to put in full effort to bring in any negative consequence to your productivity. Here are some of the tips for web designers to stay productive:


Keep your desk clean and clutter-free. This basic small tip will result in very long term gains. This will allow you to keep all the papers at place and save time when looking for important document. Also you will not miss on any bank letter or client information amongst a clutter of papers and files.

To-Do list

Use applications on your smartphone to keep yourself organised. Maintain a to-do list so that you don’t mess up with things and organise all the tasks peacefully. Apps like Remember the Milk, Todoist and Omnifocus will help you work in a smarter and efficient way. They will maintain calendar and to-do list for you to keep you updated on various notifications.

Maintain Deadlines

Divide any project into different phases and mark a fixed deadline for each phase. This way you will know how much lag is there in any project and then keep the client informed. Deadlines prevent you from last moment hurried work to finish the project and deliver to the client. There are applications to help you in this regard as well like Klok, Manic Time and SlimTimer. Such apps will keep an estimated progress of the project and thus help you in being tension-free.


Most of the freelancers tend to work any time of the day and work constantly. To provide 100% efficiency you must definitely take small breaks and proper sleep. Work full night and then roaming like a zombie next day will never help you in your career growth. Improper sleep also leads to health issues.

Learn New things

To keep yourself updated you always need to learn new things. Every work area is growing exponentially with new technology almost every month. Thus to survive in this fast growing design industry, it is essential to keep learning all the new updates, techniques and trends. Thus in free time make sure to surf around to gain knowledge about latest trends.

This is a guest post by Jay, he is a proud member of Designmodo: Web Design Blog, visit this site to win free templates.

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