Feb 12, 2014

5 reasons to switch to single checkout process at your Magento store right now

You have been working flat out to improve your Magento store rates, but somehow your competitors still seem to outplay you. You need a careful look into the essence of the problem so as to cut the seat of the trouble for good.

Magento platform is designed to provide your store with a basis for development and performance that lacks flaws and boosts sales.

With a Magento online store you get keys to:

  • Control over any store facet;
  • Return on investment;
  • High revenue.

However, Magento platform should respond to the requirements of fast-growing e-market in order to fit customers’s needs. And of the weakest part of Magento is how the checkout process is organized. To foresee and fight back high cart abandonment level you are to be aware of the latest preventative measures.

The recent surveys showed that the tendency for a simplification of a checkout procedure wins the hearts of your Magento store clients. Let’s take a look at the core reasons why single-step checkout really works.

1. Accessibility and Clarity
While your rivals are stuffing their webpage with all that glitters, they make you a great favor. Overkilling the checkout process with a multitude of unnecessary steps has all the chances to end up in cyber queue and poor performance.

2. Timing
As the product is placed into the customer’s cart, your priority is to make sure that it will come up safe and sound to conversion stage. So you should dispel all the doubts at the very beginning and leave no time for the client to think over.

3. Guarantees underlined
As you get rid of extra steps of the checkout, you give room for important information on delivery details or customer service contact.

4. Distraction Free
Avoid using redirecting links that will open new tabs or take the customer to outside resources or you/ Otherwise you run all the chances to be labeled as unreliable store.

5. Care
Minimizing the number of steps taken on the checkout you show the customer that you respect and value his time, so as not to let it be wasted.

Single Step Checkout Extension is a great way to bring to life all the above mentioned features. It presents you a great opportunity to make your Magento Store checkout procedure user-friendly with a bunch of bonuses available. This extension has all it takes to make your checkout page neat, functional and, of course, highly profitable.

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