Jul 26, 2013

27 High Quality Photoshop Grass and Plant Brushes for Designing Works

Graphic designing has become extremely popular in the recent time. These are required for creating different types of designs as well as animations. Majority of the graphic artists are totally dependent on Photoshop for creating different varieties of graphical designs and they make use of the diverse kinds of applications like brushes present in this platform for creating attractive designs.

Apart from the integrated brushes, many brushes have also been developed by the expert Photoshop users for giving a realistic touch to the designs created by them. Specialized sets of Photoshop brushes are present on the internet that will help in designing diverse kinds of plant and grass with precision. So if you are in need of designing plants and grasses for your next project take help of these tools to get the desired result. With the use of these brushes the time required for completing a project is also much less and the works of the artist is bound to get noticed as well as appreciated by the viewers.

Here is a list of the twenty seven qualitatively superior brushes that are going to help the designers in creating perfect designs. We have handpicked these high quality plant and grass brushes after searching the internet thoroughly. If you are looking for this kind of brush, then go through this post as you are going to get hold of all the viable options. Add this in your library and use them whenever you need it to design plants and grass conveniently.

1. Photoshop Plant Brushes Bsilvia

Download Photoshop plants brushes for free, that’s it. High resolution set of 23.

2.  Angela 3D Plant Brushes

Five plant brushes made in Photoshop 7.0

3. The Ultimate Collection of Grass Brush Set

Charfade’s Ultimate Grass Brush Set, Made in Photoshop CS3, but can also work in CS, CS2, CS4, so far some can use it in PS elements and versions of gimp.

4. 5 Bonsai Brush set for Photoshop

This free Photoshop Brushes Set – 5 Bonsai Brushes is made by me – Ewa Sajdak – Pink On Head. You can download it and use for personal use. You are not restricted in how you use my works as long as you do not claim authorship, sell them, use them for any offensive or unlawful purpose.

5. Grass Brushes by Diana’s Creation

This is a set of 10 Hi Res grass brushes. All brushes are crisp, large and clear just wonderful for all your nature art projects and



6. Sagbot Grass Brush Pack

Sagbot is local definition for grass. First attempt on making brushes and grass brush files. Hope you can find a good use for this grass brush pack.

7. Grasses and Photoshop Plant Brushes

A set of Photoshop & GIMP brushes composed of various grasses and plants. Includes: bamboo, cattails, numerous grasses, hay, barley, bushes, and several other plants.

8. Grass Brush Set by Slizzie

This is a set of 6 grass brushes that I use in my digital artwork. They can be used to add realism and give your artwork a more natural painterly feel.


9. 5 Grass Brushes

Made with PS 7


10. Lush Grass Brushes

11. Grass nature brushes

12. Tree Brushes by Falln Stock

The Brushes here are made by me, for Photoshop.They do not work in PS 7 or lower – they were made with Photoshop CS.

13. Grass Plant Brushes

This brush file contains the three ones you can see in the image, made from very large source files. You can use it both as plant, or smaller as grass. Made in Photoshop CS4.

14. The Grass Lands by Mid Night Touch

15. HD Grass Brushes

16. Grasses

17. Photoshop Plant Brushes

There are 9 Photoshop brushes (16 bit) in 1000x dimension.

18. Stock Photoshop Brushes Plants

19. Tree Brushes by Winerla

It’s a tree pack brush for Photoshop CS3 and more. We can find all these trees in European forest !

20. Dill Brushes

This set contains 18 brushes of various sizes created in Photoshop 7.0. They are perfect imitation of trees and branches in graphic designs, but of course it all depends on your creativity .

21. Woodland Brushes

Set of tree brushes made in Photoshop CS. These are for personal use only – please read the rules inside the zip folder.

22. Photoshop Brushes Tree

23. Tree Border Brushes

24. Jax Grass Brushes

A set of brushes perfect for clone stamping and for filling out with different shades of green and earth tones.

25. The Grass Lands

A very ambitious set of 45 grass brushes. Done in PS 7. Image Pack is included for those with older versions, Be patient, it’s a big download.

26. Nature 2 Brushes

Everything you need to make your own Micro cosmos Jungle(need Bugs).

27. Plants

Author Bio: James is a freelance writer at DesignCrowd Singapore, where he writes about web and graphic design trends.

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