Feb 18, 2012

25 Cool and Best Free Fonts of January 2012

Font– this is most important part of graphic design and every websites. Graphic designing is not a easy task for every one. In graphic designing- fonts , logos, background pattern, vector, icons and many more. Fonts, logos and background pattern plays the key role in website design. Background image is the first thing which comes in designers mind because this is start of every website layout design, Logo always present unique identity of of every company and brand, every graphic designer works hard on logos because logo present the nature of work and websites or company. So These all font are for you and use for the you’r important work.

Today we listed some great high quality and fresh Fonts for free to use as Hero fonts, handwriting, yummy, sleepy fonts and may more by which designe can make their next project more trendy and impressive. Surely designers would love to use these fonts in their upcoming projects.

A few day ago, we covered some best free fonts, that was the collection of 2012, but today we  have collected some cool font released in 2012. I need support of Our readers whom always appreciate our compilations. So today we come withbest collection and high quality free font. Please always read legal documents beforedownload these fonts for commercial use.


1. Amaranth

2. Lavanderia

3. Handwriting

4. Homestead

5. Feed The Bear

6. Satellite

7. Beaver Typeface

8. Bon Viver

9. CrayCray For You

10. Sleepy Bubbles

11. Hero Font

12. Otama e.p

13. Yummy Nubs

14. Dymo

15. The Kebel

16. Bennudiseno

17. Anger

18. NeoDecoa

19. Weston

20. Insider Characterstix

21. RBNo2

22. Hagin

23. Hyperbola

24. Sleeping in lacture


25. Ananda Namaste

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